Wednesday, June 01, 2011


I get really riled up and upset when people go on your blog and go "oh follow me follow me! and then I will follow you!!" and then you're actually like "of course I will follow" to help someone along and as SOON as you follow them, they delete you. What the..?? 
What is wrong with people? 
Just wanted to say shame on you for being selfish and all you want is followers - some of us love to blog and share the inspiration. Now some of you may think "Well, if you don't care about your follower's then why are you upset that someone unfollowed you?" and if that is your question, then please go back to the top of this post and reread what I just wrote. 
That is my rant. 
And that is all.


PS. If I didn't follow a billion people's blog because I just like them and I get inspired by them and I knew who the people were that deleted me just so that they could get followers - well guess what. I'd unfollow you back. 

Shame shame...I wish everyone knew your blogger's name.

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