Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I think Summer has finally gotten here! It's like, sweltering hot out there today! Like, +40C with the humidex! Good ol' Canada, eh? We have a "windchill" and we have "humidex". So it's not -15C in the winter, it's actually like, -25C with the windchill and it's not +28C in the Summer but +41C with the humidex. 
So funnnnny.
Anyways - it's soooo gorgeous out there and I wish I took vacation this week so that I could spend it all outside but alas - us working people need to make some moolah.
I hope that the weekend is just as nice as the weather we have here during the week.
I definitely gotta get into my garden and begin planting before my veggies die - they need to get some roots going and some mini veggies sprouting. 
Anyways, just letting you guys know that I will probably post a bit later on this evening. So stay tuned. :)
And enjoy the weather!




  1. ahahah, omg, here in poland it's also hot ;d actually the climat is similar, in winter -345646847867C, in summer +23465464687 C xD

  2. Hahaha - our weather is just craziness! We are supposed to get some wicked thunderstorms tonight. I am excited for that! ;) Enjoy your crazy hot weather! :D