Sunday, May 22, 2011


That is right! Today I turn a quarter of a century old - 25! 
Do I feel older? No...I don't, I almost half forgot that it was my birthday when I woke up this morning! Lol. First of all, I just wanted to say thank you to all of my amazing family and friends for wishing me a Happy Birthday. :) Very sweet and always makes me smile when I receive a text or message. 
Just also want to thank everyone for all of the thoughtful gifts and phone calls that I have received as well. 
My boyfriend did indeed go above and beyond and got me a gorgeous lemon quartz ring...and no, it is not fake. It is absolutely stunning and I adore it! 
Tonight we will be going to Red Lobster and I am soooo looking forward to that. I have never been and I have also never tried lobster so I am super excited and indeed have high expectations. ;) I am sure that I won't be disappointed though. Have you guys ever ate there? 
Today it is unfortunately raining, all right now my bf and I are just lounging around in bed watching Food Network. I will also probably have a nice bubble bath and get ready and have to do some grocery shopping since tomorrow everything is closed. I am so glad that we have no work tomorrow. This is a great addition to my birthday. Lol! 
I am also going to be going through some of my older magazines...I gotta start throwing them out...I have way too many. There are some that I will never go through I will rip out some of the editorials that I have in there, scan them and throw them on my blog...and just chuck the rest out. 
Not too much else is going on, was up at 6am and I am beginning to get a little sleepy-eyed! 
I hope everyone is having a fantastic long weekend so far and aren't drinking too much! ;) 
Enjoy what weather you have and what time you have away from work and relax. 
Talk to you guys soon!!!


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