Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Let's start off with this glamourous style queen - shall we?
This is the stunning and absolutely gooooorgeous Megan Fox.
Now - there has been speculation going around that Miss Fox has had some extensive surgery done {ie, chemical peels, botox, some implants here and there} and to be honest, when you see pictures of her when she was a bit younger you can really tell a big difference.
BUT, none the less, she is beautiful and guys fall all over her and women want to be her.
It doesn't change the fact either that she has some effortless style going on - mind you she does look like a bum half the time when she isn't on the red carpet { ha ha - I am not kidding}. But when she goes for it during premiere's and event's she really goes for it.
Here is the stunning, effortless, gorgeous, glamourous, old-school classic Hollywood style queen; Megan Fox.





{Source: Bellazon & Foxy-Megan.Net}