Monday, May 02, 2011


This recipe was amaaaaazing.
No joke.
First off - I found this recipe on the blog Smitten Kitchen and she had got it from the Martha Stewart website and I looooove anything and everything to do with my starchy companions. And this recipe just blew me out of the water.
I love the fact that it's not covered with fatty creams or milk or whatever and it is still absolutely heavenly and has the same comforting aspect as a cheesy gratin.
The only con of this recipe is that if you don't have a mandoline it is quite time consuming. I accidentally made more then what the recipe called for but that's alright because I ended up making little chips to snack on during the baking process {which took almost 2 hours}. But it was definitely well worth it and I am sure you can probably pair it with whatever you want. Last night I paired it with Buffalo-style shrimp and tonight I think it will be steamed fish. But you guys should definitely give this recipe a try and let me know what you think because I personally think it was out of this world and my boyfriend absolutely loved it as well. :)
Also - I used Yukon Gold potatoes and you should probably look for medium sized ones, I bought a bag and unfortunately I had a lot of little potatoes but it still worked out fabulously.
I also think that next time I will do it with rosemary instead of the thyme. I am not a huge fan of thyme but it was still really good.
Soooo here is the recipe!
Bon Appetit!

Crispy Potato Roast
Prep Time: 25 minutes
Total Time: 2-1/4 hours
Yield: Serves 8

3 tablespoons unsalted/salted butter, melted
3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
4 pounds russel potatoes, peeled
4 shallots, thickly sliced lengthwise
Coarse salt
1/2 to 1 teaspoon red-pepper flakes {optional}
8 sprigs thyme

1. Prehead over to 375 degrees. In a small bowl, combine butter and oil. Brush bottom of a round 9-inch baking dish with some butter mixture. With a sharp knife or mandoline, slice potatoes very thinly crosswise.

2. Arrange potato slices vertically in dish. Wedge shallots throughout. Sprinkle with salt and red-pepper flakes {if using}; brush with remaining butter mixture. Bake 1-1/4 hours. Add thyme and bake until potatoes are cooked through with a crisp top, about 35 minutes more.

Cook's Note:
The thinner the potatoes are cut, the crispier they'll become in the oven. Keep the slices together as you cut them so that you can arrange them easily in the dish.


{Source: Martha Stewart Website}


  1. thanks for your comment!

    these potatoes look so yummy, think im gonna make them for dinner! x

  2. OMG these look incredibly delicious! The Smitten Kitchen is one of my favorite cooking blogs, so I KNOW this is gonna be great, definitely will be giving it a try-- maybe tonight!

  3. i love you blog come check out mine and maybe follow ? xx :)

  4. Omg thatlooks amaaaazing! I can't cook for the life of me though, I'll live vicariously through this post lol!
    La Petite Marmoset

  5. Thanks ladies! It definitely is an amazing dish so try it out! And if you can't cook then get your man to do it. ;)