Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I try not to pepper this blog with unattractive photograph's because seriously...what would be the point? But I know that not too long ago I posted a few images from editorials that were just not good and also mentioned that I found a lot of the editorials in magazines lately quite uninspiring and then the next day I couldn't get enough of new gorgeous editorials - so someone answered my little rant. Lol. 
Now - editorials are still going pretty strong but I saw this image on the Fashion Gone Rogue website and I was blown away at just how alarming and uncoming this cover and photo is. 
It features Abbey Lee Kershaw on the cover - who in the beginning was a fantastic model, until that is, she died her hair an unnatural platinum blonde and looked like she began taking crack-cocaine. This woman looks like she is 45lbs. 
I really hope that she puts on a bit of weight and just goes back to being the lovely Miss Kershaw we fell in love with.
Let me know what you guys think of this unappealing cover.
Shame on you Vogue. 


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