Monday, May 09, 2011


I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and an even more lovely Mother's Day - I sure missed my Mamma yesterday {she lives in California}. But she loved her gift that my sister and I and Pops got her; a Louis Vuitton clutch and she is vacationing with my Dad at a lake house in Tennessee and even went to the Kentucky Derby the other day so I am sure she is having quite the fabulous time. :)
Now I am back to work for another week {barf!} and counting down the days {four more to go!} until the weekend.
The week will more then likely be uneventful - might go to the movies to see "Fast Five" as per my bf's request and I kinda have a hankering for wings.
Oh! I want to mention {not sure if I did} that I wasn't very impressed with the oven fried pickles. They weren't that crispy and the pickles were kinda al dente. My boyfriend loved them - he gobbled them down, but I was really disappointed in them. Definitely prefer their deep fried fatty friends. Lol.
I'd rather be a deep fried pickle then an oven "fried" one.
Anyways - I am going to be posting up some editorials. Here we have Bianca Balti; who is one of my favorite models. She is an Italian bombshell and beyond stunning. I would loooove to look like this pillowy-lipped vixen. Well, I like the way I look now {kinda, ha ha} but she is just beyond beautiful and I am glad that she has stuck around for quite a while in the modeling world. 
She poses for Vogue Germany April 2011 issue by Victor Demarchelier in the editorial named "Stay Cool".



{Source: Ziva @ TFS}

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