Monday, January 09, 2012


I just want to point out that I dislike Monday's...I disliked them when I worked and I dislike them now that I am not working as well. They can be quite depressing...especially during the Winter time. It's not even 5pm and it's dark out there already. 
Seriously depressing. 
I think I need to take out the S.A.D. lamp again. 
Anyways ~ today was a pretty productive day. I did quite a bit of cleaning as well as took down all the Christmas decorations and put them away. The bf was saying something about going for a walk after dinner but I am not sure how that is going to go. It's freezing out there and darrrrrk. We shall see. 
I really want to set up the dip station that I bought 6 months ago. 
I didn't end up working out today like I told myself I would. I have ate quite healthily today (salad) and will relax. 
I am seriously rambling about nothing. 
I just want to say I love Top Chef - it's on right now on the Food Network. 
Anyways, I am going to look through some cookbooks and get a list of recipes to share with you guys since I haven't posted any recipes in forever! 
I have a tun of editorials to share as well. So you guys need to stay tuned! 
Anyways, I need to shut up now. I have really nothing remotely intelligent to say at the moment. 

Here is a photo of the day. :)

Alys Hale by Andrew & William Ho for Fashion Gone Rogue


{Source: FashionGoneRogue}

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