Thursday, January 19, 2012


This week has been pretty lazy ~ not sure how much cleaning one can do before you begin to clean the colour off your appliances and such...
I finally finished the book "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and it was pretty kick-ass, I really enjoyed it and now really want to pick up "Girl Who Played with Fire". So that is another book that I need to purchase soon. I am hoping to go and see the movie sometime within the next few days with the bf. 
Today is another melancholic's supposed to snow so the clouds have settled in and the wind is beginning to pick up. 
I don't mind it though, I am sitting in my warm little apartment with my kitty so I am alright with a bit of snow. 
I am still agitated with a few people that I know ~ driving me nuts. I don't know why I converse with some of these "friends" whose sole purpose is to make your life miserable and get a rise out of you. I am not sure what the point of it is. I guess I keep going back to them {as I have mentioned in a previous post} so I think it is time to just cut ties. There is no sense anymore and all it does is get me petulant and bitter. 
There are some people that I can distance myself from and there are some that I simply just cannot keep away from. Long story. But, to begin to sever ties with a few of those "toxic" people will ultimately make things better and leave me feeling like I'm starting anew. So that is the plan for the next little while. 
On another note, my cat looks particularly evil today, which spooks me. Lol. 
I have begun to read the new Stephen King book called "11/22/63" ~ so far so good! I will keep you posted on the book but I do recommend the Dragon Tattoo one for sure. 
Anyways, I have another recipe to share with you guys for today. 
I also haven't gone grocery shopping in a few days and have literally nothing in my apartment to eat ~ other than a can of beans, cans of tuna {which are for my cat}, hot sauce and popcorn. Ugh. 
Definitely need to figure out what to eat...
I am beginning to crave popcorn now. 


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