Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I guess I am going to do a mini rant...just because I feel like it...I don't usually air out my dirty laundry via the internet because I know a few people and it just isn't cool...but I guess I can be slightly vague. Maybe I will do a quite personal blog where I can go off...and no one will really know who I am or anything. 
Not to say that I talk a lot of smack about people on a regular basis, I don't...but it is cathartic to let your feelings out there from time to time. 
I am just sick of fair-weather friends. Friends that only talk to you when they want things. Whether it be something that I can help them with, the boyfriend can help them with or because they are plain bored and I am plan G. 
I know a lot of people do this...I mean, that is what friends are for. When you need something and you can't seem to do it yourself...but there has to be a happy medium somewhere, meaning that there has to be times where you just hang out for the hell of it and have a good time. I just feel like there are certain people in my life that thrive on drama and just like to see some people squirm. Or do nothing but complain and don't do a damn thing about their situation. 
Or talk only about themselves and don't even give you the time of day...I definitely know one particular person like this who shall remain nameless....
I have learned to cut those people out of my life...but they seem to keep popping up. I guess it's because I always feel like one day they will be honest, they won't...they won't change for me, so there is no sense in waiting and wasting the time. When I could be doing more productive things with my time and making newer and more reliable friends. 
That is just my rant for this sunny and freakin' cold Wednesday. 
Anyways! Another editorial for you guys.


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