Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I love how there are certain things in life that can literally have you at a loss for words ~ it really can be any given thing...sunsets or sunrises, an ominous storm, a savory meal, you're acutely adored TV show, your loved ones...anything.
It can also be a good book, a funny pet, a great photograph...
Which leads me to one of my favorite photographers...this man can do no wrong in my eyes...after seeing his images, the editorials, I am always left speechless and nonplussed. 
This man know's true persistent beauty and he knows how to capture it behind the lens of a camera. A lot of times the real thing is always better but this man's images literally pulls you into them and takes you to a place you never imagined could exist. 
I find that he showcases places or things that you never thought you'd feel like you're a part of but yet, in a sense, you do. Because you put yourself in the images, in the models position...curious as to how it would feel in that setting...
I think the reason why a lot of people appreciate his photography is because sometimes we just want to forget about reality and his editorials are transcendental or unworldly.
The colours, the clothes, the places...almost as if you were in some sort of imagination unrestricted by reality.
A chimera of sorts.
Therefore I will never be short of enchanted by Baldovino Barani's photography. 

"The Hermit" 
Baldovino Barani


{Source: Baldovino Barani Official Website}

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