Wednesday, January 04, 2012


I am having a quiet day. It has been a while since I wrote anything the last little while. I am really sucking at keeping you all up to date on my blog and my Tumblr accounts...
I am currently super tired and so hungry but as it is 9pm I just simply cannot eat this late as much as I would love to eat pasta right now. I have all the amazing ingredients...ugh. I just cannot! Anyways...
My lovely friend Bee's and I went on a little excursion to look for the newest fitness magazines in Chapters (our Indigo or whatever bookstores you guys have across the globe)...and unfortunately in my dinky little city they don't put things out in time (no offence if you follow and work there -- but it's the truth). Anyways!
I didn't get my magazines (that happened at the grocery store -- the grocery store!!!!) but I did get an early bday prez from my bestie -- now, before I go on, I am not a huge Rachel Ray fan - at all - but this book is amaaaazing! I love all the pictures that come along with it (along with a bunch of extra recipes in the end) and all the mini step-by-step pictures. It is "Rachel Ray's Look & Cook" Book. It is freakin' awesome. While in the store Bee's turned to me and asked if I liked Rachel Ray -- I was honest, I said no...she just was never my favorite...she annoyed the heck out of me when I watched her on the food network...and more so on the Oprah network or where-ever I saw her on TV....her own show. Ugh. Shut up Rachel! 
BUT -- I turned and said that my Mom thought she had great recipes and just looked through one book and found this one...and it is freakin' AWESOME. 
The recipes -- ALL of them!!! -- sound devilishly delicious...the pictures are mouth-watering. It is insane, you guys HAVE to pick this book up (Amazon has it cheaper I believe) and there are so many recipes that are ridiculously simple and I will definitely share with you guys. 
I also want to share some of my goals with you for 2012...
One is to stop being a loser and stick to my weight loss plan. My excuses are pathetic and I need to freakin' do this. So I AM going to start going to the gym. 2-3+ times a week doing cardio/boxing and 3x a week doing weight training at the gym. 
This is no joke has to be done. If I fail 2012 and not accomplish any goals than what the hell is the point anymore!?! I might as well be an obese slob eating McDonald's everyday, drinking and taking up smoking. For serious. 
Joking...I think...  :|
Anyways! This is a pic of the new book. ;) Make sure to check it out! I am going to go for a little sleepy and be up bright and early to post as much as I can!! :D 
Hope everyone is having a wonderful night!


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