Friday, January 13, 2012


This entire week has been dull and dreary - weather wise...well, other than that nothing has been going on either except looking for a job and cleaning up around the apartment. Today I am exhausted and just don't want to move. Even though I had to do dishes. 
I just had some popcorn and feel like a fat pig - even though popcorn is seriously not that bad. Lol. I know, I exaggerate. consisted of watching a lot of Food Network, Slice and E! and reading my book "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" and playing Solitaire. 
The book is really good. I am halfway through and can't seem to stop when I start. So I hope to finish it by the end of the weekend. 
I will finally be getting my Christmas gifts from my Mom and Dad on Sunday as well so I am excited for that. 
It smells like popcorn in my apartment now {the smell won't go away} and it is lightly snowing outside. Kittycat is sleeping in the bedroom and I am going to have to start reheating chilli pretty shortly. I might end up having a beer in a bit and see if that wakes me up - ha ha. You must be thinking, "um...why not coffee??" - yea, not a coffee drinker. But annnyyyways...
Not much going on over the weekend so it's going to be rather quiet, other than trying to get a get together prepared for the boyfriend as his birthday was this past Wednesday. I totally forgot to do a post for him so here it is. :)


There. :) He deserves it. Lol. He has turned 26 {oh goodness we are getting old} and he had a lovely dinner with wine and cake. He ended up playing NHL12 all night but fell asleep on the couch later on because he was tired. Oh well, he can party it up this weekend. 
I'll be able to share what he got for his Christmas/Birthday present from my parents once he gets it on Sunday - don't want to ruin the surprise...not that he reads this blog anyways, lol. But it will be a great idea for your boyfriend if you are stuck on a gift. 

Now...I always share my wish lists from various web sites. As always, I am a huge bookworm and desperately need to collect my pennies up and get some of these books to spend my days with. So I am going to share a couple that I am wanting and also will be sharing a recipe from my new Everday Food mini recipe magazine. 
So let's begin! 
{Ps. All the pricing is from Amazon Canada.}

Ahhh, good old Clean Eating which was "founded" by Tosca Reno. I love Oxygen magazine - it is definitely one of my favourites and Tosca is a contributing writer to the magazine {her husband I believe is editor-in-chief}. The recipes in these cookbooks and in the Oxygen mag are CLEAN, HEALTHY and LOW CAL. Obviously anyone would love this....the cookbook is totally full colour {which is a huge bonus} and is peppered with healthy eating tips throughout. Definitely a book I would love on my shelf. 
"The Best of Clean Eating 2" by National Book Network for $13.83

I have been hearing  ALOT lately about this book and have read a lot of reviews where people were super impressed by the content and I am really interested in reading it and hoping that it will light a spark under my butt to get and STAY motivated to eat healthy and lead a healthy life instead of falling back into the same old patterns. 
The guy on the cover - believe it or not - used to be waaaay this is definitely inspirational. AND this book was JUST recently released. :) 
"Think and Grow Thin: The Revolutionary Diet & Weight-Loss System That Will Change Your Life in 88 Days!" by Charles D'Angelo for $15.64

Another book that I would love to's basically about binge-eating and emotional eating and the like. I think that a lot of people have this problem with eating when it comes to feeling certain emotions...people go to it for comfort when they should be coping with stress and day to day things in other ways instead of stuffing your face with the fattiest crap known to mankind. I have this problem. Sometimes when I am totally bored I am ready to make a huge plate of pasta...even though it's 10am {gross, I know} so I really think that I could learn a thing or two from this book. 
I think it would be an interesting read for sure. 
"But I Deserve The Chocolate! The 50 Most Common Diet-Derailing Excuses and How To Outwit Them" by Susan Albers for $13.68.

This appetizer/cocktail book is chock-full of huge full colour photo's and a tun of fun cocktail recipes and appetizer recipes that would make entertaining fun for anyone. 
This is a perfect go-to-guide for a girl's night that is for sure. 
Definitely want this book on my shelf...probably will be the one and only cocktail book I'll have as there are a tun of different ones in here. 
"Easy Entertaining At Home" by Sandra Lee for $12.99.

There definitely is a theme here of healthy eating and a generally better lifestyle in the books that I am choosing out to get...
This is Christine Avanti's second book {the first one had a lot of information as well and I actually should re-read it} but I definitely want to check this one out and see what more interesting things Avanti has to say about a clean and nutritional diet. 
"Skinny Chicks Eat Real Food: Kick Your Fake Food Habit, Kickstart Your Weight Loss" by Christine Avanti for $19.44.

Last but not least, a fiction novel. :) I love Dean Koontz and this is his new book...more so on the paranormal side and I love it. I can't write the entire review on here as it would be too long, but you should definitely have a look on the Amazon website. 
Definitely excited to get my hands on this one and read through it. 
Books like this are so much fun to's like watching a movie. :) 
"77 Shadow Street" by Dean Koontz for $15.00.

Remember to take a look at these books on the Amazon website as these prices are HALF of the price you would pay if you were to get them at your bookstore. 
If you guys decide to purchase one of them let me know what you think! As it will be a bit before I can get my paws on these babies. 
And if and when I do get them I will definite make sure to post reviews up. :) 
Happy Reading!!!


{Source: Images from Google Images}

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