Monday, February 11, 2013


 To be quite honest with you, I found the season premiere of the Real Housewives of Vancouver to be a bit...dare I say it? 
Honestly, there wasn't really anything exciting that happened...and even the preview for the new season looks sorta repetitive...I wish that Ronnie and Mary could become friends again but we both know that Ronnie is a bit of a kookoobird. 
Hmm. First, thoughts on the new girls. 

First of all, I wanna say that it all seemed staged. I mean, it is obvious that all these women knew each other before filming started. So the way the producers got all the women to just randomly meet in certain circumstances felt very fake. Amanda is Mia's friend? What? Since when? How old is Amanda and how old is Mia? Mia seems more of a party-girl-type then to sit and have tea with a recovering alcoholic Mom of three. The meeting between Amanda and Jody was soooo bogus {I know, who uses that word anymore, lol}. What the hell is this whole thing too about Jody being "so concerned" about Ronnie and her drinking??? Ronnie claimed time and time again that she wasn't an alcoholic and still outright hasn't said anything about it so what is Jody going on about? 

I also found it a little...strange, that Amanda was so willing to come out to a total stranger about her struggles with alcohol. The conversation about the Kombucha tea was random and felt concocted. 

The scene with Ronnie meeting Robin made me laugh, I don't know why, and of course...I don't think we are going to hear the last of Remy and Ronnie. She is really throwing herself a pity party here. 
Don't get me wrong! What she went through was so tragic, but she keeps bringing it up. Reminds me of a certain ex-friend that keeps bring up a particular event in her past. I'm not the only one that thinks this people!
Anyways, Robin seems sweet. Love her accent. :) 
Mary and Ioulia's scene seemed fabricated as well...I mean, come on, they all did. I am not sure what my feelings are on Ioulia just yet. I thought that I would instantly like her...but I haven't taken to her just yet. I think what throws me off is that she is so pro-Ronnie. Why is everything flocking to Ronnie?! My goodness. 

The part where Ronnie wants Mary to go to the BBQ seemed incredibly forced. It is obvious that she doesn't want Mary there; and you barely saw them together when it actually did happen. 
And the way that Jody came to the party and was being an old hag about the entire thing was just unsettling to watch. I mean, this is a grown-ass woman, and she makes fun of Mary when Mary is trying to be civil to her and sweet to her kid? Like, wtf?? 
The part where Mary sang to Remy began as awkward but was cute. 
And where the hell is Ronnie's husband? He is like, never home? Mind you, I can't really say anything about that because you don't really see the other husbands that much either...well, except Ioulia's....

All in all, Jody is annoying. Ronnie is definitely different in this season thus far but it seems forced. Mary ~ she wasn't in too much of the first episode, but to me, she is honey-sweet, which may piss some people off but life is too short, put a smile on and be gawddamn nice!
Ioulia seems spoiled and very...Russian.
Amanda, I can see her being an attention-getter. A no-bullshit type of housewife.
Robin, I feel like she has a few tricks up her sleeve. 

It was an OK episode, nothing crazy. 
I am looking forward to episode 2!

Oh and one more thing, Jody is low-class trash. In the extended promo trailer for the show that was put on the internet shows her calling Mary a "loser", which is bad in itself, but on TV last week when they showed it, you can see Jody calling her a "whore". WTF?!!
Who calls other people whores?? I am 26 and I would NEVER call someone a whore in a fight. 
Wow. White trash. 



  1. Ok- hold the phone- Do you guys have all the Housewives in Canada? I'm obsessed with ALL of them. We don't have Vancouver here though.

  2. Yes, we have all the Housewives in Canada. :)
    Vancouver is pretty good! There are so many cat fights, my gawd. I am sure you can find it online somewhere, Kristen! :)