Tuesday, February 05, 2013


Today is the premiere of the second season of the Real Housewives of Vancouver on Slice {Canadian TV station}, and let me tell you, I am beyond excited, I honestly loved the first season and am constantly re-watching them during my free time.
I am not sure why I am so obsessed with this show ~ I barely watch TV at all and I have seen the other Housewives shows and really only ever watch it when there is a marathon going on and nothing else on TV. 
But with RHOV...I NEED to watch it...every single episode. So I have been waiting and hoping for a second season and here it is!
The only unfortunate part of all this is that two of the housewives will not be coming back ~ that is Christina Kiesel {one of my favorites} and Reiko MacKenzie. Rumour has it that Christina is working on a travel show and Reiko is working on her own cookbook ~ after her not being asked back because she didn't bring enough "drama" to the show. 
We sure will miss these two housewives. 

So now we pave a new way for 3 new housewives that will be joining {my fave} Mary Zilba, Jody Claman and Ronnie Negus. These three definitely brought some drama to season 1, that is for sure. 
These three new housewives are: Amanda Hansen, Ioulia Reynolds and Robin Reichman. 

Judging by the trailer that has been airing on Slice the past month or so, there is definitely going to be drama going on here on season 2. Definitely looks like Robin and Mary get along {both are originally from the US} and I have a feeling for whatever reason that Jody and Ioulia aren't going to get along. Jody looks like she has a thing for picking on the younger more gorgeous gals on this show {*cough*Christina*Mary*cough*}. Not sure how Mary and Ronnie are doing anymore but judging from tweets and the reunion show, Ronnie and Jody are still pretty close. Amanda made it clear in one of the trailers for the show that she is Team Jody. All I know is that all 6 of these women are spoiled as all hell, catty, and you can be 110% sure that there are some things that are going to be goin' doooooown. 

Here is a bit more information on the new housewives. 

Amanda Hansen is a recovering alcoholic and self-confessed sex addict who lives on Vancouver's North Shore with her 3 children  aged 10, 7 and 5. 
She has a long distance relationship with her boyfriend Kyle, who lives in Seattle - how does that work? I guess we will see on the show. 
She apparently has a short temper and is quick to call people out on their BS {perfect match for Jody ~ short temper, craycray maybe?}. She owns her own company called Mother Fern Kombucha Tea...I don't know about you but that sounds funny to me for some reason. 
Amanda looks like she is going to be on my list of least favorite housewives. But you never know! Things may change!


Ioulia Reynolds is a Russian immigrant that moved to Vancouver 11 years ago and is married to a venture capitalist that is almost 20 years her senior for 5 years and and is step-mom to his 4 children. 
She lives with him in the prestigious Coal Harbour and studied at Sotheby's in London and hopes to become an art broker. Her passion is art, fashion, and luxury cars. 
I think Ioulia is going to be one of my faves. She is gorgeous and sorta replaces Christina in this group of women. 


Robin R. Reichman is a Texan that moved to Vancouver 19 years ago. She has two little girls and two nannies, along with a house in Point Grey and a horse named Giggy. Robin has strong Christian values but also has a weak spot for gossip and partying. 
This tough as nails housewife worked at a Dallas-area prison for 8 years. Don't think you wanna mess with her. She sorta reminds me of Reiko with her strong personality and her tough yet elegant persona. I think I will like Robin as well. 


Of course Mary is always going to be my number one {will that change after watching this season though?} and Jody and Ronnie aren't on the top of my list at all. I just hope that this season is way more exciting and jam-packed  I also can't wait to see what these ladies will be wearing! I think Mary is by far my favorite as well when it comes to style and what she wears on the show.

I hope to also see Kevin ~ Christina's gay and hilarious best friend as well as Marika. 

But who knows, maybe they were ousted as well...I am sure we will see a lot more new faces on the show other then the three new housewives. 
We know Mia is going to make a few annoying appearances...*yawn*.
Regardless, I am sure our ladies of Vancouver are going to bring the laughs, the gasps and the drama!

The countdown is on!

PS. I just saw the extended preview and read a bit of an interview with the girls {forgot which article} and wow, Ronnie and Mary really don't like each other! I also think that Jody and Ronnie are both massive bullies from what I have seen. 
These ladies get no sympathy from me after watching the clip, throwing their weight around and bringing others down just because they're jealous! They really are BULLIES!!
I really expected more from Ronnie ~ considering her and Mary were best friends for 17 years! 
Just goes to show that it doesn't matter who your friends are...you need to really weed out the people that use you and who genuinely love you. I really hope Mary finds allies in the other women. 
And Jody really needs to STFU. She doesn't think she is a bully and such but blatantly calls Mary a loser? Wow. This woman says she is classy? I don't think so.

I miss season 1! 


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