Thursday, October 02, 2014


I need to overhaul my diet....not because I am not losing weight, because I feel like I still am...but because I am half-dead between the hours of 2-4. NO ENERGY. And literally could fall asleep while sitting at my computer. It doesn't help I guess that I stare at a super bright screen all day either. But my energy levels just totally fall flat and all I can think about is my bed or hiding under my desk to take a power nap. 
Or eat everything in the cafeteria that is 20 feet away from work. Ugh. 
I really could eat EVERYTHING in sight right now. No joke. 
I don't usually have crazy cravings but today I do - anything from a huge bowl of potatoes, to barley soup, peanut butter cups or chicken wings. I can't get away from it! 
If I wasn't so broke I probably would have ordered 40 wings from Buffalo Wild Wing {their garlic-parm wings are to diiiie for} and I don't even eat chicken!!! Well...unless it's organic. 
I really need to overhaul recipes too. I am always eating the same thing every day and it's starting to get hella boring. I just can't be bothered standing in my kitchen everyday either since I am so busy with school. 
I am jealous of those people that get to go home after work at 5:30pm and make a decent meal and relax by 7. I am usually still in the kitchen at 7...another pet peeve of mine, I get so irritable and crazy if I eat too late. 

Anyways...I NEEEEEEED to start trying new recipes! So I will be perusing my deliciously healthy cookbooks the next little while and sharing some great/healthy recipes.
So...what am I eating pretty much every single night? Fish wraps. Salad with tuna. Soup. So let's change it up!!
Now I must admit - I do love recipes from books like Oh She Glow's but there are just soooooooooooo many ingredients! So I like to take simple recipes and add healthy bits and bobs in there and come on, you can find super healthy and super simple recipes out there too. :)'s Fall - it's the season of comfort food. Deliciously, delightful, decadent comfort food. When I think comfort food I think soups and stews, and just warm and hot meals on a cool and crisp day. 

I think potatoes! My favorite as some of you may know. 
So I was ecstatic when I seen there are a bunch of baked potato recipes on Martha Stewart's site {one of my faves} and had to share this with you guys. I am not a fan of warm tomatoes or nothing but this just sounds so freakin' good. Like a gourmet breakfast! And it's SIMPLE! A few recipes here and there {get organic, get local!} and very fast! Who wouldn't want to give this a taste?
Anyways, give it a try! 

Bon Appetit!

Roasted Tomato Potato with Fried Egg

1 pint cherry tomatoes
Olive oil
3 cups baby spinach
4 baked potatoes
4 large eggs
Crumbled feta

On a rimmed baking sheet, toss tomatoes with olive oil and season; roast until collapsed. Add spinach and roast until wilted. Top each potato with tomato mixture, a fried egg, and feta; season. 

I forgot to mention that these recipes {or this one in particular} already have the potatoes back and read to go. 
Just sounds too amazing too pass up!



  1. looks tasty! xx


  2. Thanks for the comment! :) It does, doesn't it?