Monday, October 27, 2014


I wrote this yesterday but wasn't able to post it for some reason...

It is Sunday morning...well...almost Sunday afternoon as we are 4 minutes away from 12pm ~ and I am itchy. GAH! This is so annoying...not sure what the hell is going on so will be calling my doc tomorrow to figure it out. 
It's a very overcast day here in rain...just blah! I don't particularly mind days like this but would prefer if it did SOMETHING. 
This is the first weekend in a LONG while where I don't really have to do a damn thing!! My homework is all done and over with and so are all my assignments ~ weeee! But I am still keeping busy. Yesterday was all cleaning, food prep and doggy-food prep...I decided my dogs are going to eat a diet for a little while that I cook up for them...that took a long time but feel it's worth it if it gets their digestive systems back on track. That and I will be supping them a probiotic to get their little intestinal flora up and going again. Especially Maggie-Moo. So good. They love their food. 
Travis wants me to help him get onto a healthier 'lifestyle' track...although to him I am sure it's a diet...but I so wish that he could get on board with me. It's hard living somewhere where you cook two meals and you watch your boyfriend eat the most delicious pizza while you're trying to detox with a green smoothie. :( LOL. 
Anyways...I feel like the next few days I am going to do a little I feel that we should be doing this at least once a month to give our digestive systems a break. So my fridge is packed with spinach, arugula, apples, cucumber, pineapple, berries and the like. As for Travis, it'll be baby steps. So no more eating off the coffee truck and I won't take his frozen pizza's away from him that he so loves but we will be portioning them out. So today is more prep work for me and tidying up the fridge...I personally hate it when the fridge is jampacked. :/ I need to figure out a delicious dinner too...

So yea!! I can't believe that there is only one week of October left! And we will be into November....Winter is around the corner! So crazy....
Although I can't wait until the first snowfall...that is my favesies. 

Back to kicking ass in the gym tomorrow as well as last week I was sick and missed two this week it'll be back to 5x. I love that's a bonus. I just need to get back into my routine again. Because I have been all over the map the last couple of weeks with being sick, stressed, finishing school and other things that I won't mention....because it depends on whose reading. Lol. Joking. ;) I go to prep...and maybe have a couple lazy hours. We shall see. :) 
Hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday...
My neck is so itchy!!!

Here are some pics of the weekend. :) 

First of all, if you didn't know, Lou'e has his own Facebook back with over 2,500 friends! Yes, they like looking at that cutie face...same with Moo. But this is a shirt that a lovely friend of mine in Arizona sent for Lou'e. He's known as the 'studmuffin'. ;) Too cute!!
I love you Fall. This is a great picture from near where I work. Those colours are gorgoeus.
Why are groceries so damn expensive??? Anyways...some yummy eats from Saturday. I am not a fan of putting groceries away. Lol.

 I made some homemade food for the their bellies are still not up to par. So I made organic boiled chicken, white rice and green beans with boiled sweet potatoes, pureed (almost broke my Nutribullet) and also bought this Probiotic for replenish healthy intestinal flora. It's good for us! So it's gotta be good for them. :) 

Going to make this shirt at work for the gym. Love it. ;) Lol.
Travis and I were still not 100% on the weekend...but lots better than during the week! Here we are just being lazy bums watching the Leaf game...and this is a big bowl o' cheese I grated up for poutine as well as extra's for the fridge. 

 My Baboo's! Oh how I love them to bits!!! Lou'e is always sticking his tongue out...too cute! And these two little hyena's are always in the kitchen...watching my every move....and seeing if I drop anything for them along the way! 


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