Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I must admit...I am/was a huge Gossip Girl fan. I used to {make} my boyfriend sit and watch marathons with me after they were released on DVD. It became a tradition where we would watch GG and order fried chicken and drink our wine. LOL. 
Anyways...I was never a Serena fan. Even in the books...I didn't like her style...I was always Blair Waldorf all the way! 
But I've cracked and I've fallen under the Serena spell! Lol. 
Meaning...Blake Lively - yea I didn't like her much on the show or if I saw her on magazine covers and whatnot. She just wasn't my cuppa joe but now I am just obsessed with her. Love her love her lover her now. I am so happy to hear that she is going to have a baby with the super hunky Ryan Reynolds {best looking couple ever next to Brangelina!} and that she has a lifestyle blog too {although it isn't particularly what I expected but regardless, good for her, I'd want one too! Lol}. 
Anyways...saw these pics of her baby shower that she posted on her site...and then decided to share a few of her style hits. :) 



{Source: Style Pics from Zimbio - Baby Shower Pics from Preserve}

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  1. She is so gorgeous. Love this post