Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I can't believe that Winter is coming upon us...seriously....snow is right around the corner! They are calling for flurries on Friday {of course, every Halloween it's raining or snowing} but we will see what the day brings - because you know the weather network. 

On another note...I finally broke my plateau! Well, I think I did anyway...I was at this point a couple of times the last month or so...but I always fluctuate between 2-4lbs...and I don't seem to know why. Of course I have said in the past that I really need to tweak my diet and it's true. Starting off with portion sizes. Then, I am reading Dr. Joel Fuhrman's book "Eat To Live" and wow...I am blown away by some of the information in that book!! If anyone wants to change the way they eat and lose weight, feel great and all that jazz then pick this book up! 

I am halfway through...and he writes things such as - we honestly don't need oil in our diets....I still can't believe that two tablespoon's of olive oil is 238 calories! Two tablespoons of oil is really not a lot! So no wonder I am always hitting plateau's and getting frustrated when I am eating calories that I didn't even realize were there! 
I am also really looking into the role exercise plays and the type of exercise one days...for example some swear by fasted cardio...other's don't. Some say work out first thing in the  morning! Other's can't....things like that. I really want to delve into the dynamic of exercise and how to really utilize that time in the gym to the best of your advantage. to keep many people start the gym routine and then stop. I for one, am obsessed right now. I love going. It's my time away from everything. And although I hate stepping on that elliptical and would much rather eat a bowl of poutine when I get off that elliptical 30, 40 or 60 minutes later I feel like a million bucks. 
I just want to look into how people fall off the wagon. 
There are just so many things I want to learn and look into now that I am done school and have a bit of extra time. I still need to study my exam but my next few goals sorta revolve around getting my drivers license {eeek!!} and looking into getting my CanFitPro certification. 

I thought it would be fun to share with you some items that I am seriously coveting right now. It'll take me some time to save my pennies up for these things...but whatever. It's nice to dream, right?? :) 

I never really understood the obsession with Lululemon - I still don't entirely....I always felt like crap when I went to the gym in my boyfriend's tshirt and just random track pants...until I went to Sport Chek and bought some actual workout gear - and I'm not gunna lie {at least for me} it does change the dynamic of the way you work out when you feel *good* in your workout clothes. A lot of mine are just Joe Fresh or Nike/UnderArmour...but man oh man, now I am seriously coveting some Lululemon. Particularly their pants...because it's no's butts look phenom in them. 

This is something totally not needed...but I really WANT a new pair of Nike's that are {preferably} pink or some sort of pastel, Easter-egg colours. Cute shoes are so killer at the gym. I love seeing a well dressed gal in there with some super cute kicks. It makes me completely jealous! So definitely want a cute new pair of shoes...really gotta stop wearing my 15-year-old Puma' 

Gawd...when I was 50+ pounds heavier I really didn't put too much effort into the way that I looked...I didn't do my makeup a heck of a lot and I didn't really pay too much attention to the way I dressed either....nor did I buy a Winter jacket because they either didn't fit...or they plus-size ones were so fugly. Now that I can actually fit into some of these jackets at places like Zara, I am really coveting this jacket right now. It's amazing when you put it on and I LOVE the fur hoodie...always want a big fur hoodie like that. I always wanted the Canada Goose Arctic jacket until I heard they killed foxes for their fur. :( And they are like, $700...even if it was $200 I wouldn't get it no matter how warm it was because I am not into cruelty. 
This jacket is wool and I will check to see if the fur is faux...but it looks FAB on. I tried this jacket warm and nice. Fits's nearly $300!!! GAHH!! So definitely need to take the piggy bank out...hopefully I will have enough BEFORE Winter. LOL! 

Pretty much coveting everything on the Free People site...

*~*~*~*~*~* it's bootie time! I haven't bought boots in the longest time and just want a pair of kick-ass motorcycle-mamma style boots. These are all from Zara and all under $200 which is amazingggg. But which ones would you guys pick?? I can't decide!! 



Anyways! Off to start my day! Gotta call the doc about this incessant itching!! GAH!!!


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