Sunday, October 19, 2014


Well...last day of tweaking and working on my assignments for school and tomorrow I will be sending them off in the mail and hoping for the best, so wish me luck! 
So my weekend has been spent pretty much studying, cleaning, cooking and looking after my babies and man who has a wicked cold. Thankfully I didn't get it but there is something else that is driving me crazy and it's this incessant itching I have been feeling the last week or so! It's just the worst today and is driving me nuts! Feels almost like I took a tab of Niacin...except there isn't that overall flushy feeling. 
It started off this morning on my neck, went to my back and now is back to my neck. WTF? 
It's super annoying and I want to take a Benadryl except that that stuff makes you so I will pass and maybe instead take it before bed. The crazy thing though is that if I am occupied with something then I don't itch! Again...WTF!? 
Anyways...will keep you posted on what is going on with that. 
Oh! Last night I tried a new recipe off the Martha Stewart website {my favesies} and I wasn't the biggest fan but Travis LOVED it. So will share, because you guys might like it and there were great reviews on the site too. It wasn't bad by any means, just not my cuppa joe. 
So stay tuned for that recipe. 

Today I will be making whole chicken in the slow cooker and trying to figure out how to relieve this gawd forsaken itching!! The puppies are all sleeping soundly. 
Last week was just brutal for me. Between feeling sick, the anxiety and then Maggie-Moo got sick...finances, school and all that jazz it was just all becoming too much and feeling very overwhelmed. It will be a relief once I get my case studies sent out. Then that will be a moment to celebrate! Then again, I still have another two months to study for my board exam. GAH! Well, I am sure I could write it sooner but I need the time to go over everything from the past two years. 
Apparently it's a 3 hour exam too. YIKES! 

Anyways....some pics of the week or rather the week before...because this past week was spent just....well, it was chaos. 

Sweet Maggie-Moo....after her grooming appointment. She's just so damn cute!! <3 font="" nbsp="">

Despite having a desk, I still prefer to do things on the floor - I made a little makeshift study corner here by the fire place. :) 

Hockey season has begun.

Me and my boss/girlfriend out for our pre-Thanksgiving dinner/lunch. We went for Greek food. It was delicious!

My chicken souvlaki lunch. It was so damn good! 

There you have it! That's pretty much it! I know that I don't usually eat meat....but I do allow myself to have it once in a while, especially when I go out for Greek food. ;) 

What did you guys get up to this weekend?


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