Monday, October 06, 2014


The weekends always go by so ridiculously fast....well, this one did - probably because we were so busy! 
And I must admit, I was terrible when it came to my diet and fitness...well, I did work it out on Saturday...but....all that shitty eating probably didn't help. I do really try to be good on weekends but sometimes it just doesn't work! I felt awful yesterday and after dropping the puppies off for a grooming we stopped by the side of the road to get some cheap poutine from a food truck {and it was sinfully delicious}. 
Then I also had pasta the same day...and.....wait for it, Mr. Noodles. I know I know! One of the worst things you could ever eat and I cracked and bought some!!! I literally have no had ramen in a good 8 months or so....
But still...I got up on that scale this morning and kicked myself in the ass. The thing is, I didn't feel terribly guilty after doing it yesterday...but I am feeling the after effects this AM. That is why I am going to seriously kick ass in the gym this week and eat so clean it's not even funny!! 
So although I skipped out on breakfast {not even sure why}, I will have an ultra healthy lunch, do some fasted cardio and I think quinoa and mushrooms are on the menu for dinner tonight. Yumyum. I have a new obsession with quinoa by the way. 

Other then that the weekend was great! We ran errands and cleaned up our place, puppies went for a groom {thanks Kevin!}, we went and did our part at the Breast Cancer Awareness walk early Sunday morning and then were suuuuper duper lazy for the rest of the day yesterday. Now it's back to our routine - so will be on the straight and narrow especially since I have TWO WEEKS of school left! So I have two more case studies to do this week and then next week is all about tweaking and adding final touches and mailing it out. 

Anyways! Here are some pictures to catch you up on what it was we did! :) 

This was my dinner on Friday night {above} - baked haddock with salsa and guac {and of course hot sauce!} and mashed potatoes. It was so delicious. But not enough!! 

My Friday night! While other people were partying it up I was studying the hours away and then realized I smelled something funky and it was because Lou'e decided to poop under the the rest of my night was spent cleaning the stains!! Little bugger. 

Saturday morning. View from one of our windows...they need to do something about this "concrete jungle" area...but it's still alright - the tree's are nice. :) It was a very Fallish day.

On the way to the Breast Cancer Awareness so early.

Our Team Rack Pack! Poor Travi has his eyes closed in this pic. 

Tom, Trav and I at the walk. It was Tom's birthday yesterday too {Happy Bday!}. I am not sure how I feel about the pink wig - I can't really rock it...Travis said I looked like a Russian prostitute. Hahah. Watching a little too much November Man. ;) 

On our walk! That dog was sooo cool looking and there were two of them. Loved how their hair was so flowy while walking. They were too cute. All the dogs were! 

Lou'e and Moo after their grooming appointment. Looking spiffy - but oh so pooped!! 

My guilty pleasure from yesterday. So damn good. 

Oh and I seen this yesterday on the walk too. It was just so gosh-darn cute!!! Little halo on this puppy. <3 font="" nbsp="">

Okay - that is all for now! This lucky gal is leaving work shortly to go to my gastroenterology appointment. Ugh. Wish me luck! It's just a consultation...hopefully it doesn't last too long. 
Until next time!! :)


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