Monday, October 20, 2014


I am finally done. 
FINALLY DONE my case studies....and then when I scanned them all and printed them and bound them all up - I noticed a freakin' typo. WITH MY LUCK A FREAKIN TYPO!!! And I can't change it because I don't have any Mac's at work!! >:( These things are the bane of my existence. :(
BUT. They are done. Finally. I can rest easy...I can't believe they are all why does it not feel like there is a load off my back...actually there is a bit....I think I am just so damn exhausted that I can't even think straight. I pretty much forgot what the hell happened this morning. :O 
On top of it all...I got Travis' cold...he was cold all weekend....and I am not looking forward to going through THAT so I need to up the dosage on the vit-C. 
So you can imagine why I am so tired. 
Thankfully Travis is feeling better and so is Maggie-Moo. 

I did drag my ass to the gym at lunch and spent a good vigorous 35 minutes on the ski machine or whatever you call that thing. A good sweat sesh. 
Anyways....just wanted to keep you all updated on what was going on! And with is a sweet picture of my little baboo's. :) <3 font="" nbsp="">


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