Friday, December 12, 2014


Believe it or not...I am going to torture myself again today {much like last Saturday} and make cabbage rolls...that's right. More cabbage rolls. Lol. 
They are so damn delicious {recipe given to me by my Mamma} but they are so much work! It took me a good two hours in the kitchen on Saturday. Lol. 
So what we we core the cabbage {shitty part #1}, then we boil it {I have two pots on the go} and then you boil and wait...and carefully peel each leaf off....seriously. 
I cook rice in the rice cooker {to the point it overflows}, saute onions {yumyum} and then once that is all done I mix the rice, meat and onions and then I start rolling those pollies. 
So is very time consuming...but it's soooo worth it. 

All that hard work in one snap shot. 

Now let's show a glimpse into my life from the last week. 

Look at these super cute Christmas cookies that our neighbor gave us. Little penis and booby shortbread men. Haha. Too funny. On my amazingly furry and soft blanket from Indigo that Kev got for a steal. ;)

Aweee! Look at what Trav's Ma got me! They are the cutest little coasters {or could be jewelry holders!} ever! One was a bit broken which I will have to glue back together but I just love em. Such a thoughtful gift!! <3 font="" nbsp="">

I feel like I am posting the same pics over and over again but I could be wrong. This is the Christmas tree in the front foyer of my building. Love when they decorate...makes it feel more festive.

Ha! Look at my Christmas sweater that I picked up from Target! I ended up returning it because it was way too big and for $18? I would rather save that money for a Roots sweater then one such as this where I will wear it once or twice. Although it was damn cute...but it made me look like a snowman too! LOL.

The cutest pajamas from a sweet friend in the UK. Thanks Jan! Loved all the gifts and the pups loved their toys!! 

This is me, every morning...have to start the day with my Tim's coffee with pumpkin spice shot and my Passion Tea from Starbucks. But I switch it up between this and Tim's tea or my dandelion root tea that I bring from home. 

Look at my sweet babies! In their Christmas outfits from their Auntie Karen and sweet baby Bella in California. She makes their outfits and mails them to us and they are so beautifully made. These Christmas outfits are just too precious!! 

Still seriously coveting Hunter boots - Victoria's Secret has them for $148 and I had no idea!!! 


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