Monday, December 15, 2014


Monday Funday! 
Beautiful plowers from Trav
Happy Monday everyone - wow, do those weekends fly by. This one did for sure...and it was semi lazy - but productive. I tried that new recipe that I posted - the lemony chicken be quite honest with you - to me it wasn't very special. I probably won't make it again or if I do then I will definitely add more seasoning to it as it was bland. For some reason my chicken cooked, but the potatoes didn't! It took quite a long while. And some pieces still ended up being a little hard. But it was alright. 
I did make my cabbage rolls on Friday night - which took FOREVER. I started at 3:30 and they were finally done around 8pm. See why people don't like making cabbage rolls?! Lol. 
Travis and I also went out yesterday to finish up some of our Christmas shopping and then spent the afternoon watching a bit of TV, NHL15, cooking some moooore and I got caught up on two episodes of Mob Wives {season 5} - what a crazy show. Let me tell you. 
I weighed in today at 135.6lbs. Ugh. Honestly - probably water weight. So we will see what that scale says tomorrow. 
I am so sad I am going to have to cancel my gym membership soon so will need to ask people on FB or online somewhere if they are willing to take it over. It's so bittersweet. 
Still looking for a's damn hard during this time of year, I honestly wish I had some more time. 

I got some amazing books that I am going to have to share and review with you. I went through them yesterday...and jotted down some notes so will make sure to post them. 
I also spent half my morning yesterday in bed, while Travis and the puppies slept - and YouTubed Vitamix videos and read up all about them on blogs. 
I am just so damn excited!!! :) :) 

This week I seriously need to watch what I eat - as this Saturday is Travis' work Christmas party and there is going to be a TUN of food...and booze...
I can't wait! ;) We are going to see a hockey game and those outings are always fun. 
So this week is going to be comprised of lots of tea's, smoothies and soups! 
Although I have some leftover potatoes for lunch today - I will let that one go. ;) 
So what better way to start then to share some yummmmy soup recipes. :) 

Anyways - here are some pics from my weekend. :) 

I got my Tone It Up Member Bundle in the mail on Friday!! I was so excited! I am going to have to take these babies out individually, snap some pics and share with you. I love the cream on cream trucker hat! :) 
I was looking for a 2014 ornament to buy to put on my tree...couldn't find anything...but then I found this guy - felt so bad for him with his one eye, LOL! So I picked him up and now he is sitting near the top of the tree. :)

Lou'e's bed head. ;)

One of my friends came over yesterday for about an hour and brought her sweetie girl with her named Minnie. She is so cute!! 

Pups - pooped after a busy Saturday - went to Petsmart to get some pics done - no Santa unfortunately. The photographer was annoying too. I wasn't unhappy with my pics...but I could have done a WAAAAAY better job. At least the money goes to charity.

Lou'e - guarding the Christmas presents. 

Maggie - trying to catch some Zzz's and Lou'e is all over her. Lol. Here is her "Moooooom, tell him to stop!!" face. ;) 

This is the Petsmart pic I was talking about. Travis thinks it's creepy - like those creepy family photo's if you google 'em. Lol. Maybe?? But hey! I thought Santa was going to be there!!!

I am a sucker for animals. These babies were at the vets - up for adoption. I had to share. They were so cute. There were a few of them in there. 

So what did you guys get up to this weekend??


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