Tuesday, December 02, 2014


Everybody's working for the weekend...
Isn't that the way of it for everyone? Lol. My weekend flew by so so fast...it was a busy one for sure and that's why I think that it seemed non-existent! Sunday Travis and I were both not feeling too hot...so even though we didn't do much it was pretty much a wash because we just slept on and off. 
Monday...well...you know me and Monday's. And it was Cyber Monday - Cyber Monday is NOT fun when you're broke! LOL. 
Seriously though, every time I opened up my email I saw some new deal that was on that I could NOT get. Haha. But there is one thing I am super duper excited about and it's the Member's Only #ToneItUp Bundle! You just don't even know how damn excited I am for this. I am obsessed with Tone It Up...Karena and Katrina. I wanna be there! Honestly though, in the beginning I thought Katrina was my fave...but am just in love with Karena. Lol. Definitely my fave..okay. I am gushing like a prepubescent school girl talking about One Direction. Holy crap. :P 

So these are all the amazing things that are coming in the mail - I am particularly excited about the exclusive DVD and the Cinnamon Roll PerfectFit Protein Powder...those waffles sure are going to taste amazeballs. ;) 

Above is what is on it's way in the mail. :) 
1) Exclusive DVD
2) PerfectFit Cinnamon Roll (limited edition) protein powder
3) TIU necklace
4) TIU bracelet
5) TIU trucker hat (I got the cream-coloured one)
6) TIU cutie socks!

7) PerfectFit protein bars!
8) TIU shaker bottle

Definitely...deeeeeeeefinitely...excited for this. :) 

On another note - the job hunt is still on - still feeling freakin' discouraged...but...I gotta keep on keepin on. I just hope I find something perfect. It's a blessing in disguise, right? God obviously has plans for me. 
Anyways...just a few more pics I will share with you guys...and will post a recipe later on today as well. :)

Me and the bestie went out for lunch on Friday before getting some Christmas shopping done and birthday shopping for Travis' Sister's bday. This is a portbello mushroom panini with a broccoli/peanut, corn and edamame salad. SOOOOO good.
He just got a turkey wrap. LOL! Wait...turkey and brie...so it's kinda fancy and gourmet. :P

Dunno why I took this pic...just because. I like it. It's my little area by the TV on top of my dresser. There is ChiChi, all framed up. :) Love the orchid {which is fake}...got it from Zehr's for $19. It's sorta better then buying live ones for $20...which end up dying {or maybe I am killing them?}...it's glittery and really adds a POP of colour to the predominantly brown and cream coloured bedroom.

These are my little nutbutters. Lou'e's new hat on the left - reindeer hat - too cute! Maggie hates clothes and hats so I don't usually get her things like that. She would flip. But I do manage to get her into cutesie dresses from their Facebook friends that make the gorgeous little outfits. Will need to do a Christmas photoshoot of them soon. :)

Anyways...how was YOUR weekend?? :)


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