Friday, November 28, 2014


I love to read - so read pretty much any and every book I can get my hands on...currently I am reading 4 books, 2 fiction ones, one self-help and one book on nutrition and stats. I am a big self-help book reader...not because I particularly need help {although sometimes some or I may beg to differ, lol} but because it's interesting to learn new things and get a better view on the bigger picture. 
Anyways...with Thanksgiving just passing over in the US {Happy Thanksgiving my American friends and fam!} and reading a blurb in one of my books on gratitude...I figured that what I will do on my blog from time to time is write posts about things that I am grateful for. It could be anything! It could be the littlest things...or something major. I just think that it is important that in today's day and age we practice gratitude as we are constantly on the go and take many things for granted. 

So for this Friday - the day after Thanksgiving - we are going to list my 5 the top of my head...that I am grateful for today. 

I am grateful for my babies. Not a day goes by that I am not grateful for them - they make me calm, laugh, smile...just about anything...I don't know where I would be without these two little furballs I just love them so much. 
I am also incredibly grateful for their health. It's incredibly stress-inducing when one of them is sick...they can't I never know what it is that is wrong with them. Maggie has been having some GI issues...but with the new food that I have been feeding them {grateful for the super smart guy that owns a local pet food store!} they are doing so much better. Anyways...I am just grateful for that and them overall. 

There are few people in my life who I can call a genuine friend ~ and I am talking about warm-blooded friend. Lol. I have friends through FB and Lou'e's page that I hold so dear to my heart...there are a particular few that are *always* there for me, always listen...and you would think we have known each other for...forever! But yet, we've never met. 
But this post is for my friend Keverino...who is *always* there for Travis and I. I am grateful for him. He's the kind of friend that, like the above says, 'who came and never left your side'. Kevin and I know pretty much everything about each other! We have been friends for nearly 7 years. He's my partner in crime, my adventure buddy, full of stories and inside jokes and is just there for the two of us...I am grateful for him always having my back. He's one of the only people I can wholeheartedly trust. So yea, grateful for him for sure! 

I am grateful for my I went through a 50lb weight loss! So for sure I am grateful for what my body can do...and how far along we both have come. How I can continously kick ass in the gym...although lately I have been having issues with my right elbow, quite possibly from lifting weights and sitting at a computer for 8+ hours typing I recently got myself a brace to help with it. So far, kinda so good...
But anyways...grateful. Still about 15lbs to go. But I am grateful that all my body parts are functioning properly and optimally! That is something many of us take for granted. 

Yea, I am not kidding. Tim Hortons!! Lol!
Looking forward to this bad boy {double-double with a shot of pumpkin spice or caramel} is what helps me get through that last hour or two of my day. :P 
I was never a big coffee drinker...but now I just love it. So yea! I am grateful for my Timmies! And grateful that we live right across the street from one. :) 

Winter in Ontario. 
Just look at that picture? Need I say more?
Honestly - ultimately I *will*/want to move to California or even British Columbia...I do love Canada lots - I will definitely miss the beautiful Wintery scenes...the crazy Canadian snowstorms...the gorgeous white Christmas. I am grateful for Canada and all it's Wintery beauty. 

What are YOU grateful for today?


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