Thursday, November 13, 2014


How is everyone doing today?
Yesterday was overall pretty good. I am pretty sore from the gym the day before yesterday even though I felt like I didn't really "burn it out" because my mind was elsewhere...lately it's been elsewhere a lot and even though that may be the case I am still pretty determined and motivated to stick with clean eating and the gym and engaging in healthy behaviors! Such as...not forgetting about little ol' me and doing things that will benefit myself. 
Some people may be a bit lost but less than a week ago I got let go from work so I have a lot to do in the next month or so. I have to look for another job, finishing a follow-up final assignment, study for my huge final exam, get ready for Christmas and for my family that is also coming up. So there is so much to do. 

Yesterday I was experiencing major digestive issues....and I am still suffering today. I am not entirely sure what is going on in my belly but it is NOT happy with me. 
I also was going through some major chest pain yesterday morning and then again last the point where I thought I might have to go to the hospital...but eventually after about a half hour it passed. Not sure if it is a) stress or b) gastro-related. 
Probably A. Lol.

Anyways...the weekend is almost here {Thank God!} and I will be spending my Sat running errands and dropping resumes off as well as cleaning. 
OH! I have to share with you some things that I got from Bath & BodyWorks yesterday and Kev got me a couple things too. So must share! 
So let's just do that for now to start off the day. 

Everyone knows I have a particularly unhealthy obsession with products from Bath & BodyWorks...but I am pretty good with laying low during the Spring and Summer months {unless coconut is involved} and it's all about the Fall and Winter scents...
I go crazy with the Fall scents...their collections are one of my favorites. But I have to say that my favorite smell, by far, is Vanilla Bean Noel ~ which was recently rereleased. I think it's my fave because a) it smells amazing and b) it just reminds me of Christmas. Any smell that reminds me of Christmas is number one in my books. 
If you haven't smelled this scent before...DO won't regret will smell like the North Pole It's amazing!

I love their wallflowers. Honestly - they are one of those plug-ins that make your house smell fabulous...and they have so many different scents. A lot of the plug-ins these days only have limited scents {in Canada anyway} so I am loving the variety that B&BW offers.
So I picked up an extra plug-in and the Spiced Apple Toddy wallflower sent - because it smells so damn good...and it smells like Christmas. ;) 

These two bad boys {or should I say girls?} are on shelves now. The December issues of FitnessRx and Muscle&FitnessHERS. 
Lots in there...especially in FitnessRx {always...}. And I love Justine Munro {left} she is so damn cute...and she's got a bangin bod...well, the both of them do. ;)

Anyways! That's all for now. Stay tuned for an editorial, my honey and brown sugar scrub and a new recipe. :) 


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