Monday, November 17, 2014


Happy Monday!! 
I hate Monday's. 
Don't ask me why I have such difficulty with Monday's but I do...usually the morning is met with anxiety and I wish I could turn it around but sometimes find it so difficult. I TRY pretty hard to wake up optimistic or to make my day that much better...but dealing with can prove to be tricky. 
Not only that but with the Winter around the corner too I have a little thing called Seasonal Affective Disorder...I did a little post on it a while back. So I have to be particularly mindful of that because I can get really down in the dumps...waking up and going to work in the dark...leaving work in the always just being dark and gloomy - bleh! Last year wasn't too bad...but with everything that is going on right now my stress is through the roof and I need to keep my anxiety in check. 
Anyways - the weekend was pretty non-existent! Travis had to work super late on Saturday and then we had to run errands, by the time we got home it was already after 5pm! I didn't particularly enjoy the Saturday alone-time like I usually do when he goes to work. I was just feeling overall sluggish and super duper lazy. 
Sunday we got up, ate some breakfast and we went on the hunt to find me a winter jacket which didn't end up going so well...I will have to get back out there and keep looking. Trav's Mom came over for a few hours, which was a nice visit and I made slow-cooker chicken and roast potatoes. Yumyum! I should have taken pics. 
OH! I did try the onion pasta was pretty good. It was super rich...I think I may have added a tinch too much butter? I also added mushrooms, which I am glad that I did because just onions and pasta in my mind isn't the most filling of dishes. It still ended up being good and Travis liked it a lot and it made some leftovers for his lunches so all in all, it was a hit. Definitely should give it a try but be mindful of the butter. ;)

 These two lazy The pic on the right are Lou'e and Moo napping together...the closest they have ever really been! And the pic on the right is Lou'e all cuddle-bugged on the bed and Maggie is under that mound of blankets. She loves to sleep under the duvet/blankets. 

The loves of my life!! The left is a pic from Saturday after I had a 2 hour nap {lol} and just putting my face on. Lou'e and Moo always follow me around...they are too sweet. 
The pic on the right is yesterday after our visit with Travis' Mom. :) Loving his do. 

 The pic on the left are my new winter boots my Mom got me! Ralph Lauren ones. They look so warm and are super cute! Can't wait to get them. :) 
The pic on the right are my new mitts from Kev {they are sooo warm} and thank goodness he gives me a ride home a couple times a week since Travis is working crazy late we always stop by Tims to get a coffee. :) A double-double with a shot of pumpkin spice...yum! Caramel is just as good too. ;) 

That's all for now! I will be sure to post some style hits...just for fun and a new recipe...and I still have to share my honey and brown sugar scrub recipe too!! 


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