Saturday, November 08, 2014


I pretty much stuffed my face last night when I got home...after the shiteous week that I had...I just felt like eating my face off was going to help but it only contributed to the more shiteous feeling this morning when I stepped on that scale. I had two large bowls of barley soup and then half my boyfriend's pizza...ugh. What was I thinking? 
Anyways...that doesn't mean that it's a free for all today. I think a lot of the weight put on {like 4lbs} is water weight. So I will be more conscious of what I eat today and tomorrow. 
Tomorrow actually is going to be chilli day!!
Honestly....I am not a fan of cold - at all...I hate being out in it....but...tis the season too, right? I love the fact that Christmas is around the corner...the falling snow on a darkish day while you're snuggled up on the bed with your pups {much like what I am doing right now!} and all the comfort foods that come along with this season.
So that's stews and chilli's and just foods that really warm the belly. So I will be looking into recipes to share with you guys that do just that! 
Tonight...I have no idea what I am going to make but I am going to go through some cookbooks to figure it out. 
Thug Kitchen is one cookbook that I will be doing a review on as well...I LOVE that book. 

The weekend is my 2 day rest as well, since I work out five times during the week. I also will be working on my resume as well as trying to study. There is a lot on my plate and I am feeling very overwhelmed...but I also have to be optimistic about all of this as well. 
Because if I'm not then it's easier to fall into old patterns...worse anxiety...depression and all that jazz. So we are going to keep our chin up and persevere. As always!
2014 thus far has been so crazy with so many changes...that is for sure. 

I am really trying so freakin' hard to refrain from going into the kitchen and looking for chocolate it's not even funny. 
Travis is also working longer hours {as I have mentioned} and I am banking him on being home around 2ish. Then we have to go out and get groceries...then I am sure he will have a nap when he comes home. So I will take the time to blog, resume-write, study, read and look for that special recipe for tonight. 
I will also plan my next week ahead to train super hard and get my diet into 'aggressive-mode'. Will let you know how that looks like once it's all planned out. But I am going to use a combination of Tone It Up, Tosca Reno, Kayla Itsines, Zuzka Light and articles and such that I find in Oxygen, Fitness Rx and Muscle & Fitness Hers. 
I also want to save up some money and get the Tone It Up DVDs. 

They're not that expensive, then again I am not in any position to say that right can find the links to these DVDs highlighted here: Beach Babe DVD 1 and Beach Babe DVD 2
I don't know why I am so obsessed with these girls, but I am...and they have a great nutrition plan that you can buy for $150...if you're totally lost in terms of how to get fit and what to eat then this comes highly recommended. 

I also want to say a big ass Happy Birthday to my bestie, Bee's!! 
I hope you have the most wonderful day and get lots at the train show! You deserve it!! :) 

Okay...time to look for some recipes. 


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