Monday, November 24, 2014

::festive:weekend:: let's start this again...on a Monday no less, but that is alright...we can persevere. I weighed in at 136.4lbs....ugh. Gained so much after my free-for-all the last week and especially the weekend. Why do I do this to myself? Listen...I will be the first one to tell you, that even if you work your ass off during the week and eat well and then do 'cheat meals' on weekends it is that much more difficult to get to your goal. My ultimate goal is goal for the next two weeks though is to get to 130lbs. I know that a lot of this is water weight...but let me tell you too...when you eat like shit, you feel like shit and a lot of my digestive issues are creeping back up. :( Right now I am dealing with a tummy ache that just won't go away. It's gunna be a loooong day. 

On another note, the weekend was a good one! But went by way too fast... my Dad did get home on Saturday afternoon so he is relaxing, which is a very good thing! I am glad that all went well with his procedure and to all the people that were super supportive throughout it all {you know who you are} a big thank you to you and all your prayers as well! 

I tried a couple new recipes over the weekend as well which I am totally going to share with you all today and finally that brown sugar and honey scrub recipe as well that I have been promising time and time again., it's all about clean eating and getting to the gym at lunch time! I am sad that I am going to have to cancel my membership the gym has kept me sane amongst all the chaos I have been experiencing. I will just have to find a different gym I guess. But it still makes me sad because I love the Athletic Club. 
I also have a few places in mind where I want to drop resumes to today but am keeping mum on I don't want to jinx it. Only a couple people know where I've applied and where I want to work from here on in. 
I will keep you all posted though. 

Anyways...about the weekend. Travis worked late again but had to get out earlier as he had a few appointments, mainly the car had to get brought in for service and he also got his hair trimmed up and groceries. By the time we got home it was after 5pm again - same dealio as last week. It feels so odd getting home late on Saturday...well, when it's dark you know what I mean. 
I then got started on a sundried tomato {obsessed with sundried tomatoes right now!} and chicken pasta and we watched the hockey game as well. 
Sunday we got up and had to get Trav some gloves for work at Marks Work Warehouse and we ended up stopping in at Roots to get a Winter jacket for him too but we ended up leaving with one for me...trying to figure out how to get him this Winter's a little pricey...but it's warm and fit him great. 
Then the rest of the day was spent being lazy and trying yet another new recipe, Lazanki - a polish 'peasant' dish which I will share as well. 
Oh, not to mention the frittata's first thing in the AM. 
But yes, I ate like a total, frittata's, pasta out the wazoo, and loads of chocolate., as I said, is all about clean eating...and will probably cardio it up at the gym as well. 
Breakfast was a mini frittata and small coffee...lunch *will* be a salad and dinner? Not sure...maybe soup. Will keep you posted..either soup or a wrap. Low-cal, healthy and clean is the key. 
Lot's of veggies today. 
Anyways...enough rambling. 

Here are some pics from the weekend. 

Above at the very time is my Christmas tree that the pups and I decorated on Friday. ;) We got into quite the shenanigans trying to get those damn lights hooked up...but we finally did it. The tree looks wooooonderful. Friday night was good. Travis got home late again...but we ate dinner and went to bed rather early. The pic on the left is under the tree. I always used to lie under the tree and just daydream. :)

Kev got Trav and I some candy apples...which were devoured...but not before I got my grubby paws on them first. Sorry Trav! But I could not help myself taking a big ol' bite of the Turtle candy apple {left} was so freakin good. Mine {right} was cinnamon apples never tasted so good. Honestly amazing...

The pic on the left is a little present that Kev got my parents for when they come for the holidays. They are wine jellies. They are really so delicious and are absolutely amazing on crackers. They have ones likes habanero merlot and cinnamon chardonnay - so yummy! The pic on the right is a Christmas bauble from my parents and some lovely poinsetta's I picked up at the grocery store for only $5! They are totally festive. Never really had poinsetta' they make the place look very Christmasy. :) 
A little snap shot of our living room. Festive, no? 
This is a pic that Travis took yesterday afternoon of Lou'e, Moo and I. This is the first time that they have ever slept this close - it was super cute. Lou'e then looked over and realized who was behind him and split. Haha. Either way, it was too sweet. Total cuddle time. 

Had to share this nail polish I picked up on Sat for super cheap. I have a thing for oxblood - love the's just gorgeous. Those are my colours of the moment. Oxblood and Oatmeal. This Revlon colour is called Vixen and dries relatively fast.
You can get this polish pretty much anywhere. 

There ya have it! That's all for now folks. Stay tuned for more posts! :) 


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