Friday, November 21, 2014


I ate pretty gawddamn great yesterday...went on a mini detox, if you will...and managed to lose 2.8lbs in ONE day. Phew...thank goodness...
The last two weeks I have been eating like shite and gained 7lbs. >:( I hate that scale I am trying to be better at eating as I have slightly gone off track. But right now I am so damn full because me and the BFF; Bee's went out for lunch for Greek food...there was so much food and I am still feeling it 3 hours later. Lol! Like...look at all this fooooood!!!

The three dip platter was so delicious. It had the tzatziki - this place has the most amazing stuff...hummus....garlicky and yummy! And we also had taramosolata {the pink stuff} which is red caviar whipped with olive oil and lemon gawddamn good...the pita's were nice and warm and yes...we ate pretty much everything. 
The funny thing is, that in our main meals we barely touched our salad! Haha. And Bee's was nice enough to share a tate with me as I am obsessed with their potatoes. 

Hahaha. Look at my stupid face...I was trying to do a selfie after taking Bee's pic {he had no idea, hope he doesn't mind! LOL!} and he was looking at me weirdly and I started laughing as I said I was taking a's too geeky not to share. 

Anyways! I decided to take us out for lunch as Bee's has always been there for Trav and I and he has saved my life this week so many times by giving me a ride home because Trav has been working so late every night. I can't imagine if I had to wait until 9:30pm for Travis and getting home after 10pm! GAH! So...thank you Bee's! I am so damn grateful! You have no idea! is my Dad's procedure...keeping all fingers and toes crossed that it goes well and I am sure that it will. Just not sure what time it's at because it was pushed back. :/ So I am trying to keep in touch with my parentals...will still keep prayin. 

I will also be decorating for Christmas tonight! So stay tuned for those pics...
I am not sure if I will be making dinner I am so damn full right now! 
That and I am pretty sure I have used up my daily caloric quota. Lol. But not to worry, come Monday I am going to be kicking my own ass again at the gym as well as eating like a clean-mean-machine...don't know where that came from. 
Will be sharing my plans, workout routines and recipes with you all either Monday or sometime this weekend hopefully. :) 


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