Monday, November 10, 2014


We had a fairly decent weekend. 
Of course, as always, it goes by too fast. 
Spent most of it being lazy...well, I say that but it isn't necessarily true as I spend most of my time in the kitchen prepping and cooking. 
Yesterday I made a big ol' pot of chili - yumyum. I should have taken pics and shared the recipe with you...but I couldn't be bothered. Lol. :P 
I did, however, make some homemade honey and brown sugar scrub and will share the recipe with you on that. 
It's great for the skin...and it's a lot better then some of the scrubs on the market these days with all the added chemicals and such. 
Travis also got me a little present...he said that after all I've been through...and all that I do...I deserve a little somethin so I will make sure to share the pics of that with you as well. :) So overall it was a good weekend. 
Puppies got a bath too - they weren't too impressed but now they are fluffy and smell so lovely. Lol. 
Another long day here...and Monday's are usually the I can bank on staying at work until 9 or something. Ugh. So crappy. 
But at least I can study, I guess...

Enough rambling. Let's share an editorial. Because it's a shitty-ass Monday...and I feel like looking at somethin pretty. :)

Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart - Fall 2015.


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