Thursday, November 06, 2014


Today I need to figure out how to get home before 5pm to try and get my new keys from the landlord. Because we are always coming home late, 7, 8, 9ish...the landlord is always off at that time and on weekends so - we need our new keys!! That and they also seriously need to check out Travis' towel rack that broke back in MAY!!! And the window - since the sealing is off and humidity is getting in's not good during the Winter time when you have the heat pumping and cool air is still seemingly getting into the room. So we shall see how this day goes. 

Last night was the longest night of my life. Got home so late...and probably stayed up for 45 minutes or so and then went to bed. It's not fun. But as I keep saying, it is what it is!!
I am also dealing with a lot of anxiety lately about particular things that are both in and out of my control. I just wish that I had the "didn't care" attitude sometimes. I think the anxiety/ocd likes to build up on it though. If I didn't have issues with that then I don't think I would have much of a problem just not caring. BUT, I have amazing friends, family and boyfriend who are being super supportive and I couldn't do this without them. :) So if you're feeling lonely or overwhelmed, make sure you got your close ones next to you - and talk it out! It really does help. 

I am going to be going back to studying...for my big-ass exam..still haven't heard anything back from school about my final at home exam about nutritional research or my case studies. I really pray I did well on them. 
On another note as well the itching comes and goes...I didn't have it for the last two days but today I am sitting here and gettin itchy. Grrr. Very annoying!! 

My besties bday is coming up too!!! I know exactly what I am going to get him for his birthday...hopefully he likes it. Just need to save up some pennies for it first. 
It's not until it's an early shout out. ;) 

Anyways...another looooooooooooong day. 
Hope everyone is having a great week so far...thank gawd the weekend is almost here!!! 

By the way, is this model not absolutely STUNNING?? 
This is a FashionGoneRogue Exclusive editorial. 
Anja Konstantinova by Emily Abay.



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