Thursday, November 13, 2014


I changed my blog! Yea that's right. I liked the layout of the one before...but it was a pain in the ass to maintain and so many things that I just did not get. I am not a web-page designer or anything like that by any means...I am liking the look of the blog now so will leave it this way for now. :) I will definitely make sure to post more, even if at times I feel like I am just talking incessantly about nada. 

It's snowing out there! It's so pretty. :) I love the first snow...the feeling you's's somethin' else. You get like that too with what you feel like is the first actual day of Spring...but...the snow and Winter time is different, because Christmas is coming! And that's the best. By far. 
So to try and get everyone into the Christmas spirit...let's share some Yuletide cheer. ;) 






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