Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Gahhh!!! My poor little blender is trapped on a plane or truck or something somewhere across Canada just wanting to be in my arms. :( 
I am really excited for my Vitamix and when found out I was getting one last Tuesday patiently waited....but now there is a delay due to 'severe weather' and I am utterly saddened by this turn of events. Tomorrow is my last day at work..and I just wanted to bring that baby home. 
You cannot believe how excited I am for this blender...it's been a year and a half that I have been seriously coveting this thing and now I am ONE LUCKY DUCK to be getting it!!!!!
I am just so grateful for the amazing people that are around me around this time - it's been difficult but they make it all that much better. You know who you are. ;) 

So yes! I gotta wait!!! :'(

In the meantime, I must finish all my Christmas shopping!! :O There is one more gift I must pick up for my Sister...and then Travis' boss as well. Everyone else, I am pretty much done! I will feel a wave or relief once it's ALL done and wrapped. 
My parents have a couple of things too and I also have 3 gifts that haven't even been shipped yet from their respective stores....I don't know how in the hell I am going to have them...I - of course - asked them to be shipped HERE...because I thought it would all get here by now but I was sadly mistaken. >:( 

This should teach me to order when I did...then again, I didn't anticipate tomorrow being my last day either! Lol. 

My parents will also be in Canada-land tomorrow night! YAY!!! :) 

On another note...I am nearly at 137lbs...wtf?? I KNOW it's water weight....I know I said that yesterday too {LOL} but I didn't do too well last night all things considering...meaning shrimps, guacamole and of course the new praline Turtles that I received from Kev. Lol. They are so damn good!! Has anyone tried them??? I am also searching for the cheesecake one. GAHHH. That would is probably...seriously....utterly...amazing. 
But I can't find it anywhere! If you're in Ontario and have any ideas - please let me know!!!

Okay - off I go. I have some appointments today and need to make some phone calls. Gotta post my gym membership and get my shit together before tomorrow. Lol. 


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