Monday, December 08, 2014


Welp! I finished my book like I said I would and the way it ended was pretty intense and need to find out what happens next!! I won't go into details just in case someone happens to be reading it or will read it but it was the one by Jennifer Amentrout. Opal. The Lux novel. I guess we gotta wait and see!

The weekend went by so fast. Saturday was spent cleaning and running errands...and standing in the kitchen making food for people!! Cabbage rolls. Such a pain in the ass to make especially when you're not yourself eating them. Made em with beef and pork this time. It really is a lot of work.
I also tried that shrimp recipe I wasn't the greatest to be honest. Nothing to write home about at all and for some reason after flour-ing the shrimp and frying them up the flour coating just came off. So it was a bit disappointing but I'll tell you one thing though. Shrimps - how I've missed you!! Seriously delicious regardless. The price of them have just gone up though for some reason and that's why I don't usually buy them anymore.
On another note. I tried to upgrade my phone to the iPhone 6. Unfortunately there is a fee still - around $200. I can't do that right now when I'll be out of work so soon. So I am going to have to pass on my upgrade for a few months which was disappointing but obviously things happen for a reason, right??

With all that has been going on it would be so easy to be on a perpetual downer. Which is something that I may have done in the past. But I can't allow that to happen this time. I was actually reading my horoscope - which isn't something I ever do. But it made so much sense.
The blog asked not to copy and paste any part of the text really so here is the link. You'll see that THAT is my life!
The imagine below by the way is Mystic Mamma's art.

Yesterday we watched a few movies and had a pretty lazy day other then running a few more errands in the morning and making Trav go on a short but brisk walk with the puppies. He always kicks up a stink when he goes, lol, but it's fun. 
Today he is not feeling well at all. :( I do just hope that he goes home for the day even though it hasn't even started yet...he needs to just sleep off whatever he caught. 
Now it's back to work...Monday - blahday more like but we will keep optimistic. 

Ugh...I also did NOT plan my week out at all. I suck at this! But will do a detox today {hold me accountable people!} so that means I will just do a liquid fast. I weighed in again and the scale said 136.2lbs. Ugh. I am pretty sure it's just water weight though but we will see what the number says for the next two days. 

Anyways...that's all for now. I hope that the day goes by super fast. I did write this yesterday in bed but am posting it {and tweaked it} today. 
Hope everyone else had a great weekend. I am off to research some blenders. 


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