Thursday, December 04, 2014


I am going to make it my personal mission to put a cease to my incessant squawking and bitching...
After reading and watching some inspirational videos this morning...I realized that I must be mentally draining to my family and friends...and especially to Travis. 
What is the actual point of complaining? I mean, venting is one thing...but the last few weeks I have been doing n.o.t.h.i.n.g but constantly bellyaching and fastened to this 'woe is me' mentality. 
For what? It isn't going to change really is not. 
So I have decided that I am going to go 24 hours without pissing and moaning.'s going to be hard...but holy crap, did I not realize that I must be the proverbial black cloud over everyone's head during what is supposed to be the 'most wonderful time of the year'. 
I need to practice more gratitude as well. This is what's going to help me out a lot to get out of my negative-nancy funk. 
Google'll find my picture there! 

Of course there is a lot going on...a lot on my plate...but what good does whining about it do? How many times can I hear "it's going to be okay" - "it's a blessing in disguise"...and it's all technically, I really only needed to hear it one time and move on. But instead I allowed myself to fall into this black hole with tunnel vision looking for a sympathetic ear...anyone's ear...and hell, maybe I talked your ear off about the same thing 30 times this week. A lot of the things we do as humans is often pointless...for example there is no point in incessant complaining...there is no point in the feeling guilt {unless you're a murderous psycho then you should wallow in it for life}, no point in living in the point in living in the future either! No point in the ego...
So why do we allow ourselves to go through these motions and get stuck in them? It's so much EASIER to be happy and why do we strive to see all the negatives in things, get paranoid, anxious, worried, stressed...we have a choice...well, not all the time but much of the time we do! 

Anyways...I watched a video by Marie Forleo about gratitude journaling...a lot of people just don't find the prospect of journaling very attractive...although I do. But instead of incessantly bitching in there all the time too {although it's probably better then unloading all my negativity on poor, unsuspecting souls} maybe I should pick up that pen and be a little more gawddamn grateful! 
I did a post the other day on five things that I was grateful for...but Marie suggested {and also studies have shown this to be the best way to go about it} to write down ONE thing or person you are grateful for and write five specific, detailed reasons why. 
So that is what I will work on today. Along with sharing some yummylicious recipes with you too. 

By the way, you can catch the video by Marie from here. It was actually a bit touching! 

On another note...
I didn't eat the greatest yesterday and yesterday was just a mess of a day. :/ Between spilling mustard all over my gawddamn white blouse and just having a nervous breakdown of feeling overwhelmed I woke up making it my assignment to STOP BITCHING!
So maybe I shouldn't bitch about this...but man oh man, I got on that scale this morning and am back up to 138lbs...I can't believe I work my ass off during the day and in the gym and then go home and have a free-for-all. NOT GOOD. So I need to implement a plan so I don't fall into those pesky and sneaky booby traps!! Yes..I did eat a bunch of chocolate bars too. :((

"When it comes to gratitude...the dividends are in the details."
-Marie Forleo

So while I go and work on my list of something that I am grateful for...why don't you go and do the same?? 


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