Thursday, December 11, 2014


There is so much good news that I have to share with are a few things before I forget...and then will share a recipe with you! Something yummy, hot and total comfort food. 
First of BFF got me a VITAMIX!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really cannot write more than that because I don't even know what to say! After finding out on Tuesday I am STILL speechless! I am so freakin' excited and am spending time on YouTube watching videos and reading blogs on how other people LOVE their freakin' blender and pretty soon, I'll be one of them!!!! 


I then got an interview at the Cambridge & District Humane Society yesterday after constantly calling and bugging them...I think the interview went OK. I was super duper nervous...but I REALLY want this position and would be perfect for me. It's a job that I have been daydreaming about in so pays well, no benefits {frugality...because it's a non-profit organization}...which I am cool with. But it's a WAY more challenging job then the one that I was previously at and I get to be closer to the animals! I just don't know how my allergies will do...but...Reactine will be my BFF I think. Lol. 
Just keep your fingers and toesies crossed for me! 

I also am getting all those books that I shared with you guys the other day off my wishlist! Make sure to stay tuned because I WILL be doing reviews for a lot of the books soon!! 
Thanks again, Kev. ;)

My Dad also like the green light to come here for Christmas!! 
And it's snowing like a mother out there and it might end up being a White Christmas after all!!! :) 

So....I am on Cloud 9 hundred! :) 
No one can bring me down...there are certain 'friends' that are trying...but I just brush em off. Remember, surround yourself with positive people that have YOUR BEST INTERESTS at heart...there are so many people out there that are awesome at pretending...

Going to share some festive images with you for right now to get you into the Christmas spirit! :)



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