Monday, November 22, 2010


Now, I never was a fan of this store initially. I thought it was ridiculously expensive for just some type of hiking country-looking gear.
I mean, a sweater for $180? Come on.
But I have come to the realization that the quality of their clothing is out of this world. And I just found this out over the weekend. I will segue to the point with a little story. ;)
A few weeks ago, me and my boyfriend were watching Leaf Pre-Game interviews on TV and there was a Toronto Marlie on there that was wearing a wicked sweater with a Toronto Maple Leaf logo. It was an awesome sweater and my bf loved it beyond anything. We went to the store in our little dinky shopping mall to pick one up...unfortunately these sweaters and other Roots TML merch is exclusive to only Toronto or cities closely surrounding the T.Dot.
I went over there over the weekend to visit my hairstylist extraordinaire sister and we popped by the Roots store there to check it out. Luckily enough, I found it! It was the first thing you saw as you walked through the doors. I unfortunately didn't have enough time to look through more of the store but they have some awesome stuff there! So I decided to shop online. :)
I checked the website out and found a bunch of awesome stuff that would look great on ANYone.
I decided to pick out a few of my favorite duds and share with you. :)

Love this Douglas Coupland Collection Signature Sweatpants that for go $72 CAD. It's a simple design yet funky enough to wear either to the gym or out and about.

I really love chunky knit sweaters and if you guys know of any stores that sell a tonne of them, let me know! I love oversized knitted sweaters too. This creamy-coloured knit Baconsfield Zip-Up Sweater that goes for $120 CAD is sure to keep you warm through those long and cold winter nights.

Another Douglas Coupland Collection Signature. This time being a tanktop ~ the colours that they have chosen to be paired with for this collection are funky and fun. This tank goes for $30 CAD.

Alright, I may be pushing it with this one, I haven't actually tried it on myself, but am sure it would be a hit and a great fit regardless. This Hudson Flannel Shirt is $58 CAD; but here's the catch. It's for men. I think though, honestly, that paired with an awesome belt, rolled up sleeves with great bangles, wicked boots with leggings...well, you'd be in rockin' style. Call it the flannel boyfriend shirt.

I love this scarf. It reminds me a bit of Burberry Prorsum, but you're not spending hundreds of dollars on a peice of fabric {no offense}, this awesome Roots Kilbarry Plaid Square is $54 CAD ~ and I personally think; worth it. It will make any outfit super sophisticated and stylish.

Another Douglas Coupland Collection Signature, this time a Tee for $40 CAD.

Okay ~ these next few items are only for the fans. ;) I saw this hat and HAD to have it. So I plan on picking it up next time I'm in Toronto - or even order it online. It's the official Roots Toronto Maple Leaf Argyle Earflap hat for a cool $34 CAD.

Gah! I saw this and I thought to myself, once again, that I HAVE to have it!!! I will have to save up my pennies for this hoodie as it's a little pricey ~ comes in at $128 CAD, this official Roots Toronto Maple Leaf True Zip Hoody has a nice Maple Leaf logo on the back and all those little blue spots you see are mini Canadian Maple Leafs in Toronto Maple Leaf blue. Looks super warm and adorable for any lady-like Leaf fan. ;)

This one is for the boys, the sweater that I picked up for my boyfriend over the weekend. This Men's Leafs Club Jacket {I think sweater} comes in at $148 CAD and is super warm and super stylish for any manly Leaf fan. ;)


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