Monday, November 29, 2010


Well, my cold still hasn't gone away, whatsoever, in fact; it's gotten worse.
Why you ask? I really don't know. I am contemplating on making an appointment with my doc and see if I need antibiotics or anything like that. I just have a wicked cough and feel very congested. I'm also pretty warm which leads me to believe that I may have a fever. But who know's. I dragged my a$$ into work to do some stuff but boy, do I regret it. I feel so lousy, it's not even funny.
I just decided to share my story about this with you guys. Lol. It's pretty darn cold out here as well! No more snow since Friday but it's supposed to rain/snow tomorrow and the day after. So I am looking forward to that.
My weekend consisted doing alot of nothing.
Me and my boyfriend lounged about the entire day yesterday, which was really nice. He played PS3 and I read books and perused the internet for blog idea's.
I actually started reading a really interesting cookbook that I think I will share with you guys in another blog post. I really love reading cookbooks and getting different idea's from different celebrity chefs. Doesn't necessarily have to be celebrity chefs though ~ I have a couple great books from people that aren't on the Food Network or are personal cooks for the stars.
I decided that I will share with you guys an editiorial.
I need to blog as much as I can during the week since my weekends are so jampacked.
It's also alot easier to post as well whilst in bed, tissues and tea in hand with the laptop on me while I sneeze and type away. Lol.

Here is an editorial that was published in a November 2010 issue of Vogue Nippon. Photographer Raymond Meier captures Hungarian beauty Eniko Mihalik wearing some of this upcoming Winter's fabulous peices. Makes you feel all warm & fuzzy inside.
Let's hope this is faux fur - but with designers these days, you never know.
It is a clothing edit but it can also pass for a beauty spread as Eniko exudes sultry beauty.


(Source: Marylinn @ TFS)

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