Monday, November 15, 2010


Ahh...I will do a little blurb on the latest album that was released by Kid CuDi, Man on the Moon II - The Legend of Mr. Rager.
I personally love this album. Even more so then his last one, although his last one was a little more upbeat, this sophmore album is a mix of extreme high's and low's.
I don't know if all you know who CuDi is or how awesome his music is, but he's a bit of a depressed 26-year-old that suffers from substance abuse. In the past he has pleaded guilty to cocaine posession and regularly smokes marijuana.
The man is a tortured soul that releases his dark emotions through his music.
Alot of people tend to label CuDi's music as "emo-rap".
As disturbing as the album may be, or his self-made documentary, I find that the psychedelic sounds and Pink Floyd-esk harmonies definitely impress and take typical rap away from the boisterous cockiness.
CuDi seems to be doing better and really appreciates his fans, hope he keeps doing what he's doing and stays away from the bad stuff.
Anyways, if you happen to be on iTunes or at your local music store, take the time to buy this album and listen to it with an open mind. It's really a great album.

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