Monday, November 08, 2010


Along with fashion, clothes, writing and art comes amazing illustrators.
One impressive illustrator that I recently found not too long ago is the extraordinary Bella Pilar. Alot of Bella's illustrations have alot to do with fashion and her characters living a lifestyle that we all would be envious to live.
Bella currently lives in Los Angeles where she paints her fashionable and fanciful queen bee's through staggering colours and storylines.
Not only that, but her characters are especially feminine and whimsical and could possibly be described as thee socialite in the illustrators world.
There are also the seasonal illustrations, anywhere from Christmas shop-addicted girls to Halloween party gals.
On her website, you can find anything from tales to couture, super girly to the kitchen connosieur. An elegant yet fabulous bride and the single striking lady getting ready for that first date.
You know how you sometimes find a fashion editorial, the model is gorgeous, the photographs are amazing, the clothes are to-die-for and you feel like you can escape your everyday life and put yourself in that place. This is how I feel about Bella's artwork. I wish I had this kind of talent.
Her illustrations are so mesmerizing that while going through the galleries on her official website and going through all those images and slowly getting to the end, you feel sad that you're coming to a close and her images will always leave you wanting more.
Bella was trained in art and fashion and went through college at F.I.T. in New York and College of Art in Boston.
Her illustrations can be found in magazines having to do with anything from fashion to beauty, weddings to home decor.
Her artwork is charming, enchanting, wistful and exquisite.
Bella has her website: as well as a blog: - where she showcases some concept drawings and maybe some of her favorites. She also has a facebook page spanning nearly 1,000 fans and we need to spread the word so we can get as many fans as possible!
I seriously dream for more of Bella's artwork. I would be in absolute heaven if she had galleries of hundreds upon hundreds of her artwork online to peruse through. And what person would not love to be able to visit her studio and see her rough sketches and see how this fashion illustrator genius is at work.
Her artwork is definitely inspiring, and not just in people wanting to better themselves at drawing or become better illustrators, but in the way that we need to step back and enjoy the beautiful and small things in life and the ability to be able to dream and be anywhere you want to be with words or pictures.
Such as eating cupcakes in a leopard print dress, having an espresso in front of the Eiffel Tower, being a lady who lunches with her fabulous friends or just a regular glamour girl in a little black dress.
Bella Pilar is definitely rocking the art world and I hope that she doesn't stop any time soon because let's face it, Bella and her artwork is just plain fabulous.
Ps. I live in Canada - the best way for me to get my hands on Bella's artwork is through her cards at Chapters. This glittery gem is awesome for giving to a friend or just framing it to have for your own. :) Although, the very best way, is to go through her website, the possibilities then are absolutely endless.

Artwork has been used with permission. COPYRIGHT - Bella Pilar.

Ps. Thanks Coan. ;)



  1. These illustrations are so cute!!! Love the one with the Big Ben!!


  2. Definitely! They are all sooo nice and incredibly colourful and stylish. :)
    Thanks for commenting!