Friday, November 26, 2010


Oh no...I wrote a whole blurb on here not too long ago and my laptop decided to freeze up on me and lose all that I had written.
Well, I am at home today ~ in bed. My miniature coughing fits and difficulty swallowing food or drink has decided to go into a full blown cold.
I tossed and turned all night so I wasn't able to get much rest and figured it wouldn't be too good of an idea to go into work and push myself to the brink and get something more icky like strep or pneumonia (bleh!).
So I am in bed, under my warm and comfortable blankets (my boyfriend must be jealous), blogging away, about to make some tea, listening to Sting and have the Food Network on in the background {French Food at Home is on right now with Laura Calder ;)}.
And, as I glanced out the window, to my surprise I have just seen my first snow! It hasn't technically been the "first" snow, but it's the first one I have seen this year thus far.
And it's pretty.
Nothing like being warm in bed and watching snowflakes delicately dance upon the air, until the wind picks up. Then they furiously kick up a storm. Lol.
I had written about Sting...and how I love his music...but now I can't even seem to remember what I actually wrote, except that around this time of year I listen to him alot more, especially his Christmas album that he released last year that my Mom told me about. He had been making a tun of appearances on morning shows and whatnot to preform his first hit single "Soul Cake", which I love...although it drives my boyfriend crazy because I leave it on a perpetual loop and then the song gets stuck in his head. At least it's a good one. ;)
Not to mention I also love The Police. But it's finally beginning to feel a little bit more like Christmas here in Canada...and here in my heart. As I couldn't get into the spirit.
I unfortunately won't be able to spend it with my family either, as they will all be in California and I will be in Canada, freezing my a$$ off!
Anyways...I perused through my archive of editorial photograph's and stumbled upon one edit called "Brand New Day" when Sting's song "Brand New Day" came up on my iPhone. So I figured I will probably post that editorial first for today.
I hope to post as much as I can, as I am bedridden temporarily. And then I may hit the hay and take a nappy later on. And hopefully feel good enough to have a girlfriend of mine over and catch the Leaf game with my bf.
We will take it all in stride.
Oh, I have a question though too...what are all you guys going to wear for your Christmas parties? I am stuck as to what I will wear. Hmm...tricky tricky.


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