Friday, November 19, 2010


I just wanted to leave a message to all the people that publicly follow ~ thank you. Thanks for taking the time to check the site out and especially comment. Everytime a new person joins the globetrotter community it puts a huge smile on my face and I appreciate all of you who check out my blog. :)
Spread the word so that we can get more to join.
I also wanted to plug another blog that's pretty awesome it's called "Rogue Runway" -
If you follow her blog she will definitely follow you. It's an awesome blog with lots of cool pictures. You can probably ask her questions about hair as well as she's a very skilled professional hair stylist.
So make sure to join RogueRunway! :)

Thanks again guys. More edits to be coming soon as well as some recipes! :)
Happy Friday.
I am beginning to get out of my funk. ;)


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