Monday, November 22, 2010


Hey Globetrotters!
Just wanted to say welcome to the newbies that have recently joined and have been giving me feedback through the comments sections. I really love reading all that you have to say. :)
I decided to write a little blurb ~ and a little thought for the day for all of you to think about. I am curious as to what alot of you have to say about this.
I was wondering what inspires alot of you ~ and not just in terms of fashion and style, but everything or anything! It could be from art to writing, fitness to health.
I need to write alot more about health-related things as I had promised in the beginning when I started this blog.
I know that alot of blogs out there are geared towards one specific thing, or just an array of many different subjects.
My passions in life though are fashion, fitness, health and food {and hockey but I don't think anyone wants to hear my views on that, lol}.
A few of my inspirations though are magazines, specific people or role models if you will. There is one fitness buff that I deeply respect and enjoy watching more then anything; Zuzana Light. You can catch her amazing videos and exercises on
I am hoping to possibly get an interview with her and post it on here. I will keep you guys posted if that ever happens. Which would be amazing! If you guys have any fitness/diet questions then comment below so that maybe I could get some feedback from her and her boyfriend Freddy. 
I am also inspired by music and photography and reading other people's words and thoughts. There are a few blogs that I subscribe to in particular where I really enjoy reading their thoughts and just their day to day activities. It doesn't have to be immensely exciting, I mean, I don't really care reading about the party girls all that much and the socialites. I like reading about the more grounded people that have a cozy house and write about cooking and baking and just their thoughts on certain things. It's kind of fun to be able to put yourself in someone else's shoes from time to time. 
Anyways, I was just curious what inspires you guys. What makes you super happy when you think of it and gets you motivated! 
Anyways, thanks for reading this and I hope to hear from you soon. :)

One of my favorite things, kicking back listening to music on the weekend with my boyfriend and a glass of wine to unwind. I am here playing around with my iPod. :)


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