Monday, November 22, 2010


So I am back after another busy and fun-filled weekend consisting of buying a car and storing one and grocery shopping and Toronto road trips where my sister did an amaaaaazing job colouring my hair from caramel to a wicked red colour. Which I absolutely adore and received several comments on. :) I will try and take a pic later and post. But the pic you see below of me in my H&M dress, that was the colour I used to have, a bit lighter then that as well. So this is quite a change. :)
Weekends are always crazy busy for me, and that's where I take a break from blogging and spend ample amounts of time with running errands, watching hockey and cooking. Not to mention spending time with my b/f and having competitions on who can get the highest score in iJewels. Lol.
Anyways...there are going to be ALOT of editorials posted today and a few recipes as well, since it is Monday and people need a little something-something to brighten up their day. :)
Last week was pretty rough and the entire week dragged on and felt like a MONTH. So I hope this week is alot better...I should check out my horoscope. Just for fun. Lol.
Not that I really follow that stuff on a regular basis but it's fun none the less.
Okay, so to start off this rainy Monday (yes, it's mild and rainy here, which is surprising, since it's almost December)...we are going to do a photo of the day.
It's a rather monochromatic, edgy photograph which was part of a spread photographed by Koray Birand Fo. The model is Natalia Onofrei and the editorial was abnormally called "Lil Psycho Girl". Why abnormal you ask? Well, the rest of the photo's didn't really scream "psycho girl"...anyways, I liked this photograph for some reason, it's somewhat somber and you wonder what the motive and the story is behind it.


(Source: Fashion Gone Rogue)

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