Saturday, November 27, 2010


Wow! You guys get a post from me on the weekend! Who'da thunk it?
Well, I decided to post...I cleaned up quite a bit around my lil apartment and I was on a roll. Until some of my favorite wine glasses shattered...they fell off the dishrack. THREE OF THEM!!!!! That saddened me so I am putting cleaning on hold at the moment.
Right now it's snooooooowing! And like, crazy snow! So pretty! Yesterday it didn't stick or anything at all. Today it's stickin! Lol.
My poor boyfriend, he works at a job where the weather affects business highly and he is working crazy hours all the time. Poor man is sleepy half the time when he gets off work. But it's good for the business! ;)
So I just concluded some online shopping not very long ago...and plan on doing a little bit more afterwards. :) Muahaha. Have my little paws on my bf's visa. :P
Anyways...hopefully everyone's week was fabulous!
The weekend should be even more fabulous. I think I might post up a few edits and a recipe. Depending on the day and what's going on.
I still have the bathroom to clean (bleh!!) and I want to go out and purchase a hand vac. There are little spills here and there and a hand vac would be convenient.
Our big old boat of a winter beater car is officially on the road. :) So that's exciting news as well. Ahh...pretty winter.




  1. i kind of miss snow too...especially with a cup of hot coffee :)

  2. Whereabouts do you live?
    Snow is always welcoming at first, and then too much of it comes and you want Summer again. Haha.
    But yes! Snow and a fireplace. Love it. :) Very festive.
    Thanks for the comment! :) xo