Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Some of us were fortunate enough {or some people see it the opposite way} of spending Christmas in a tropical area.
I know that my sister and her boyfriend just recently flew to California to visit my parents for Christmas. Although they don't have crazy high temperatures ~ it is still considerably warmer then here in Canada.
For example...we had -20C & they had +15C...don't you wish you could be me? Lol.
Anyways, alot of people are missing Summer...
I love Summer.
The warmth, the sunshine, the beaches and road trips...the bbq's and drinks on the patio. Who doesn't love Summer?? Of course it's a nice break when Winter comes along, but pretty soon we will be whining about how cold it is and how we wished Summer would fastly approach then at it's usual speed.
I decided to post up an editorial that is very beachy and very Summery.
I know that we just had Christmas and it's cold and blistery out, but this will fill your little hearts with warmth and know that even if there are big fat snowflakes bombarding your city; you always know that Summer is just around the corner.
Or a flight away. ;)

This editorial features the lovely Valentina Zeliaeva for L'Officiel - February 2008.
Here she is shot by Dan Martensen in this picturesque beach babe editorial.




(Source: Minus1 @ TFS)

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