Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Hopefully all of you out there have begun your Christmas shopping and have written up all of your wish lists for Santa. ;)
I have a few things that I am wanting this Christmas {*cough*macbookpro*cough*} but you can't go wrong with clothes, shoes, purses, jewellry and all that jazz.
Fashion makes the world go 'round.
One of my favorite stores is Forever21 - unfortunately where I live there isn't one around. I would probably have to drive just over an hour to hit one of them stores up, but I also can do the most convenient and lovely invention known to mankind, known as *online shopping*.
How I love online shopping. It's so convenient and you just have to sit there and not bump and bang into people and have to carry all these heavy bags. You just click "buy" and it just magically appears on your front doorstep the next day! {Okay ~ maybe not magically.}
Anyways, I do alot of online shopping with Forever21 and usually I just have it shipped to home in California. If no one is visiting Canada from there then my Mom usually ships it over to me. (Free Shipping in the US over a certain amount of monies.)
I decided to share a few of the things that I am yearning to get my paws on sometime soon. Forever21 has some awesome clothes and a variety of them at best. And they are generally really good quality. I haven't had issues with any of my clothes from there, so I highly recommend you guys check out the store or website. :)


In Order of Images
1. Basic Long Sleeve Top $12.80 Product Code: 2076430059
2. Beaded Strap Knit Top $17.80 Product Code: 2054594358
3. Fab V-Neck Top $4.50 Product Code: 2080201761
4. Flannel Ruffle Shirt $17.80 Product Code: 2083767966
5. Jewel Front Tee $34 Product Code: 2077522173
6. Long Line Cross Stitch Sweater Cardigan $29.80 Product Code: 2080123200
7. Satin Party Skirt $14.80 Product Code: 2083731201
8. Sequined Tiered Tank $19.80 Product Code: 2084093820
9. Single Capped Sleeve Dress $24.80 Product Code: 2078336421
10. Striped Anchor Stud Tank $13.80 Product Code: 2000006983
11. Floral Embellished Satin Pump $24.80 Product Code: 2084889879
12. Studded Mesh Heels $29.80 Product Code: 2078966525

{All pricing is in US currency found on the Forever21 website - along with images.}


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