Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Wow...sometimes when I get into the groove of things I don't know when to stop.
Sometimes I post like...nothing for 4 days and then I post 100 different things within one afternoon! Lol. I don't know. I guess some days I am inspired and others I am not.
But I also find writing is cathartic.
There are days when you write and you think to yourself "Alright! People will love this!" and then other days you think to yourself, "Alright!....No one gives a $h!t."...
But you know what? Some people may stumble upon your blog and not like it...but then there are others that do so and love reading everything that you say. I try and avoid getting too personal when I write my articles...but it's a little difficult not too. Especially when you get somewhat close to your followers.
Everyone wants to know everything about everyone!
There are a few bloggers out there that I aboslutely adore reading - two of them in particular - RogueRunway {with her gorgeous edits that she posts and her hair tips} and Deseperately Seeking Gina {she has amazing recipes that she posts on her blog and it's just a delight to read anything that she writes}.
I hope neither of them mind me writing about them on my blog!
If you haven't checked either of them out, then do! It's not hard to follow either and I suggest you do so you can be updated with amazing posts by either of them.

So Christmas has come and gone...and I know that a lot of you feel some sort of pressure to have to buy for everyone in your immediate family, your boyfriend and your boyfriends family {or viceversa}. But that really isn't what Christmas is about...I like to give gifts, yes...but my Mom {time and time again} tries to remind me that it has nothing to do with gifts, but just the mere fact to be able to spend that special time with family and close friends.
I never really understood this at all until this year.
I wasn't able to spend time with my family at all...I felt sort of lost and a bit alone, since there was no one really to share my traditions with.
I mean, there was my boyfriend, who is very supportive and tries to make me as happy as I can be...but it's a bit different when you are able to spend Christmas with close family.
So I finally realized what my Mom was telling me all these years.
I got my Christmas presents from my Mom and Dad already...and they are fabulous presents...but I would rather spend the time with them...have the dinner with them and spend the evenings watching Christmas movies...
I am not saying I don't love my gifts, of course I do...but I think the greatest gift during this time of year is your family.

I am very grateful that I have an amazing boyfriend.
He was there for me and offered help when I tried to make the traditional dinner {let me tell you, I was super cranky!} and when we went Christmas shopping one evening, we got everything we needed and got into the car to do some groceries and get home to finish anything that we needed to finish.
Instead, he unsuccessfully {lol} surprised me by taking me to a local hockey shop in our city and bought me an authentic Toronto Maple Leaf's jersey.
One that is blank on the back where I am able to sit and think to myself for the next few days what team players name I want on the back {it's really freakin' hard...let me tell you!}...
Now, a lot of ladies may be thinking...really??? A hockey jersey?
Yes yes yes...of course everyone wants that pair of Manolo Blahnik's that Carrie was wearing in that one or...wait, million episodes of Sex and the City...
But this gift was super thoughtful and I love it.
Not only that...but us watching hockey together has become our thing.
I hated sports...and watching them...before I met my b/f.
But I think certain things that you share with your significant other brings you closer together...and this is one of them.
Yes...yes...I subject my boyfriend to Gossip Girl marathons...he isn't pleased at first, but then he gets into them. Lol.

So...basically, what I am trying to get at don't need all the fancy schmancy things...I mean, we all covet them...and HELLS YES!!! I would love a pair of McQueen leggings!!!...
But, I much rather prefer spending time with loved ones, giving the gifts, wearing my jersey and watching a hockey game at home with my love. ;)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday so far. :)

Ps. I picked #3. Dion Phaneuf.

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  1. awwwww!! You are So super sweet!!! Thanks for the kind're so right-sometimes I think "why do I keep doing this??" The answer? Connecting with people keeps me hanging around. One can never have too many friends!

  2. You are definitely right! It's nice to know that people listen and actually read what you write. :) Especially when followers comment! It's great. Puts a smile on my face.


  3. beautiful girl.. and i had a feeling you were going tp pick phaneuf